<Official Classic Server Discord Thread>

Please check out bit.ly/DeviateDiscord for the Deviate Delight community discord.

We just started a Discord for the Sulfuras Community recently with most of the vocal guilds of the server already being part of it.

https ://discord.gg/EgebS9d

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Will there be a Earthfury Discord?
Edit: Found it: discord.gg/GBdBzXT

We have a Windseeker server that’s getting pretty big. We have a few of the server’s biggest guilds in there already and would love it if you put us on your website.

https ://discord .gg/ 7NjzfgA

There are three Discord servers not currently listed on the Classic Discord site:

The server for Old Blanchy, US West PvE Realm:
URL: discord.gg/UUexE6Z

Classy Classic US, a family-friendly server with channels for all US East & US West realms:
URL: discord.gg/bmKYAUm

Classy Classic RP, a family-friendly server for role-players & role-playing regardless of realm played:
URL: discord.gg/MAdAz4C

The Classy Classic servers are newer, so their populations are growing. The Old Blanchy server is established.

The thread for the opening of the two Classy Classic servers is here if their purpose and benefit is not as self-explanatory:

I also wanted to note that the listing for Grobbulus had a typo with an extra “n” and is listed in the page display as: Grobbulusn

(Nothing that affects the URL linking, though.)

Where is Deviated Delight

finally a decent necro.

Some of the invites are expired now, though.