<Official Classic Server Discord Thread>

I have reached out a few times but unfortunately they would prefer to go their own route.

Just so you’re aware, the WoW Guild Discord had mods that created and ran (not sure if they are anymore) that server and have a vested interest in seeing it succeed over mine. I’d ask that you take their advice with a grain of salt.

First, I will note that I volunteered to be an admin on the classic wow guild’s discord because of the amazing service and job they had done providing service to the classic community, and thus, have some bias on this issue. However, I was not part of the creation of any realm discord or the conflict that has since arisen.

The CWG team, to my knowledge, is/was not opposed to merging into your server or incorporating you into the leadership of the cwg server, but the talks have not been fruitful.

The CWG team does not have any more of a vested interest in seeing their server succeed over your server, than you obviously do in the inverse.

CWG set servers up for every realm and then passed leadership over to established leaders from each community as known through the months of seeing leadership interact on the CWG server. The CWG’s team interest is in the community and their past efforts have demonstrated competence, dedication, and objectivity in maintaining the CWG Server

In the short time since launch, your community has grown through your aggressive efforts at publicizing your discord (good job). Unfortunately, while I would otherwise have nothing but praise for your efforts, there were multiple occasions of unwarranted brigading being directed towards the other discord when it was advertised or mentioned. On the CWG originated discord there has been much discussion of the toxicity of the “other discord” but I have not observed that toxicity and the moderator team of Mannie’s discord were respectful in my interactions with them.

As a Guildleader, I’d prefer one main server to minimize/concentrate effort, and my vote would be for the known quantity of the CWG established discord due to their proven track record as well as my experience with the team, but I know from reading on both discords that neither discord pleases the entirety of the community.

For the OP, I’m not sure if there is a straightforward or easy solution to the emergence of multiple discord servers per realm but I don’t believe that simply choosing the largest server is ideal.

Honestly, I think the best solution would be to advertise both discords until the server launch hype fades and the communities establish themselves.

Either way, great job on your website!

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Oh boy. ANOTHER thread about someone shilling their discord servers…

This thread is awesome thanks :+1:

IKR; I think there should be a rule that there must be at least 5 discord servers per realm. /s

@Honshan -> Thank you


I don’t own any of these servers.

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Server A discord link for Stalagg is dead.

Besides Server B is best Stalagg :yum:

New realms added, update when discords are open please!

Yeah I’m stuck in between a rock whether to list all the servers available or only list a single server, because there’s multiple servers for every realm, and i don’t want to be bias.

The twink discord link is invalid. It should be

Sorry about that, it’s fixed now.

Makes sense. The community usually decides like stalagg, server A has 1k people server B has 5k.

Thanks for this thread, It added a few more discords into my list!

Hi there! Bigglesworth discord up and running!


Faerlina Discord Link discord.gg/faerlina

Is this website still being updated?

The Kirtonos US/East PvP server discord: discord.gg/bjp4yju

Windseeker Realm Discord: discord.gg/pf8Gu5e | LFG channel, Role identification, Private lobbies, class channels, meta talk, etc.

Windseeker - Normal - US/East

Netherwind up and running as well ( Thalnos / Incendius transfer server too)

Invite - https://discord.gg/P6R56Qj


Arcanite Reaper official discord server up and ready to go :smiley: