Odd Design

It seems odd to me they would design covenant and leggo combos that remove the use of core DH abilities.

Venthyr DH basically spams chaos strike and hit Unbound Chaos and Immolation aura every 20 seconds. Blade dance/death sweep is taken off the bars. Demon blades can be taken in place of Demon bite removing yet another core button.

What a degenerative boring design, or did they really mean to take a 5 button class and make it 3. Maybe buff the other DH covenants to sniff Venthyr in throughput, so First Blood builds can be played without gimping yourself.

Guess you can play Trail of Ruin and Chaos Theory to have a reason for blade dance on your bars as Venthyr?

It’s your choice that’s the problem. You’ve chosen to spec and itemize as you did, you chose the soulbinds.

Take my advice if you want to have more fun, switch to a 111x2x1 build with DwF/IS/GI for binds with Theotar, using Unity and Darkglare. Every button is used.

Probably wont be taking your advice because that build is far more gimped than just running NL or NF First Blood build in the first place.

Thanks though.

Outside of M+ (and even then, Darkglare is inconsistent compared to CA and just adds more RNG to the spec), that build is awful.

Straight up gimping yourself with that build in a raid setting.

Wdym bro just run necro. Ez.

Wdym read the initial post.

Found a build that keeps the core elements of DH intact while being able to keep up with the current cheese build. 1/2/1/X/1/X/1 with chaos theory. An actual ability becomes top damage in single target. This build is actually really enjoyable.

Still, other covenants need to be buffed in PVE.