Oceanic WoW Classic Realms

Nope. But the Stress Tests never use real sever names, and are wiped, so it doesn’t matter if we don’t know the names before the stress test, since they won’t be used for the stress test.

We’ll find out the names on Friday afternoon at the earliest, unless they’re doing something different to every other test they’ve done.

if there enough population for a dedicated server they do it. but i wounder if there always be a oceanic classic wow server. swtor had a oceanic server but due to low population they cut cost and removed it but that was EA so… Activision not much better

Hello :smiley:
The Oceanic realms name reservations that start on August 13…
Will that be August 13 in the US time zone or in Australia time zone?
Just wondering what day I need to take off :wink:
Thanks heaps.

August 12th @ 10PM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

Full thread here:


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The Oceanic stress test realm has the clock set incorrectly (currently showing 9:15 PM). Hopefully just an oversight…

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Where is the oceanic pvp realm? Or will I have to play on a US server for one?

Try these instead:

  • Swamp of Sorrows
  • Blaumeux
  • Barov
  • Stalagg

Cool, you good?

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If there are any players interested in joining an Oceanic LGBTQI guild then come join us here:

This was all the news I needed to hear.
Count. Me. In!

Need to add one more PvP server so we can play alliance AND horde… sucks that we would have to delete one faction toons to be able to play on the other. Please add one more oceanic PvP server

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So we get 2 realms 1 pvp 1 normal for the whole of oceanic area aus/nz and asia things are gonna get crowded i think :smiley:

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Crowded? I like it!

Have a look at what countries actually fit in Oceania (Singapore is not one of them)

What relevance does ones preferences out of game have to do with anything in game? Sounds like you are trying to exclude people based on something which has nothing to do with their preferred faction? That’s not very nice.

I agree with your question, but I don’t think anyone is being excluded when it says “…guild that is open to all players.”

Why in the name of all that’s holy are we dropped TWO basic servers and expected to love it? Where’s my rp server? We don’t have one on live either. Explain

I imagine the explanation is they don’t think there is a population to sustain extra niche servers.