Oceanic In Game/Server Lag Issues

Still an issue, hasn’t ever stopped since BFA came out. Come on Blizz, a response at least.

Cancelled my sub over this. 6 months is more than enough to fix an issue. Also documented all the times I’ve played and had issues, that’ll come in handy later.


5 Months and a multi-billion dollar Company still can’t fix the lag issue that didn’t affect anyone before BFA.

Get your sh!t together Blizzard. You are becoming a laughing stock amongst Gamers.


This is making levelling real rough. Quest hand ins, ability activation and many other things lagging horrendously.


Re-affirming this issue, if you can call it that. We (Oceanic realms) are being grouped into Brazil BGs, CONSTANTLY.

The amount of times I’ve played on a Brazil server before BFA: 1-2.
The amount of times I’ve played on a Brazil server since BFA: 50+

Now, either of two things are happening. Either there is a bug with the matchmaking system for Oceania; or there are so few Oceanic AND West Coast PVP players left that the system has no choice but to group us with Brazil.

Either one basically means that the game is unplayable for Aussies & Kiwis (and others).

I’ve still got a sub and regularly check back to see if the issue has been fixed, to no avail.

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I just wanted to confirm that over the last few weeks, we’ve made a number of changes to potentially address reported lag issues with Oceanic realms. Those changes and updates to the game service are now implemented.

As a reminder, if you experience lag issues in WoW, we suggest you check out our Common Connection and Latency Issues thread, and follow the instructions and advice therein. Blizzard Customer Support also has an updated World of Warcraft Connection Troubleshooting Resources article, which may be of help.

Hi Kaivax

The lag is at your end. My diagnostics, my ISP diagnostics, my pings, speedtests all come out clean. This is still server lag.


There is also a building in the garrsion which gives me 20-30ms more latency, it seems only to effect frostmourne though sadly as other servers like barth and aman’thul aren’t effected.

but i haven’t noticed any major changes yet.

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Only took blizz 8 months to acknowledge the issue.
Hope you cunce cop a boomerang outside maccas
PS: Fire Lore


Appreciate the fix but it is hilarious seeing ‘3 months later’ above your post


18th August 2018 is the start date of this post. Notification received approx 26 March 2019.

That you say it is fixed is a good thing. That it has taken 7 months for it to appear is sad.


It ain’t fixed.


Yup, still isn’t fixed. I’ve got ~45ms world and server response times but looting and on occasion some abilities take anywhere up to 1-2 seconds. It’s particularly frustrating because you have to wait a couple of seconds to open the loot interface and then another 1-2 seconds for the loot to move to your bags. Any update on this Blizzard? This is seriously impacting my experience playing your game. QoL issue.


Blizz is running bots to check your are not cheating… won’t say it but it slows the whole server down!

It’s still lagging champ

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Nice necro retard

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The delay is pretty bad in-game at the moment on the server. I am in the Dath’Remar, Khaz’goroth and Aman’Thul group.

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Last night I missed out on a quest reward because the chest I was opening took so long to open. The items in the chest got sent to me by the postmaster, but not the quest item that was in it.

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A lot of instance lag tonight :frowning: making prog very hard

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Right address lag issues…

It’s has nothing to do with our latency, it has everything to do with your FN sharding lag that has been an on going issues from the start of BFA for all players not just Oceanic…

Would you like me too link you all the reddit/forums posts from players on US/OC/LA? I still have the link saved from the very first post about the issue in 2018.
You lost massive numbers in BFA and sharding lag wasn’t that much of an issue with the numbers you had left.

Pull your head out of your @#$ and fix the on going issue that started from BFA, months went by before you even acknowledge the issue… The issue is on your end not ours.

it’s FN sad you couldn’t even handle four forty man raids with war mode on, in the same shard.