Oce region now connected to NA battlegroups (lag)

So who actually asked for this to be changed?
To me this seems like it was a stealth “FIX” to a problem that doesn’t even exist. If anything this new change has made it WORSE for the OCE region.

We have CHOSEN to play on these servers knowing that our battle group is smaller in comparison to NA.

how can we compete for end of season rewards when we’re literally handicapped by 200-400 ms. please explain to me how this makes sense…


Not only is this a wrong change to be making, to a problem that literally doesn’t exist and no one on OCE had ever asked for, but you continue to fabricate these issues… Why?

as someone who was looking forward to the arena ranking seasons I really hope you reconsider these “fixes”.


The problem is that 2000 rating will be much harder to get on OCE because of a lower pool. But the solution is NOT 300 ping. With 5 days left until launch Im extremely worried we dont have enough time to get this fixed.


I dont think the OCE community cares if their ratings are different from other regions, its like saying EU is at 3.8 and US at 3k, They won’t merge US with EU to make sure everyone can get to the same rating.

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