OCE Players Cant Buy 15th Anni CE

(Eret) #66

An OCE player was saying chargeback BFA because it sucks and blizzard can’t do anything about it. Seems they can do something about it.

(Taurentine) #67

Didn’t you know, Globalisation isn’t happening for another 100 years.

(Aehl) #68

Oh hello friend. Long time no see. Hope you are doing well.

Doing fine and this is more or less goodbye.

Out the door in 3 days.


so true
we should just make it impossible for barthilas or frostmourne to buy anything from now on


ragnaros, azralon, frostmourne barthilas, gallywix, moon guard, make sure you stay away from these horde servers if you want a good pug LOL.

(Aehl) #71

moon guard

are not OCE servers.

Frostmourne and Barthilas, despite having some bad apples, are host to some of the best raiders anywhere.

(Magnarok) #72

Yeah it’s pretty crappy. I went and asked at EB and they said they still don’t know if they’ll be getting them. I was very annoyed at first, but then honestly I got over it really quickly. I can still get the mounts, and I just really don’t need a big Rag statue. It saved me making another rash purchase for another dust collector.

(Aehl) #73


Yet again we come down to a lack of communication.


Agreed, I don’t really see it being worth a lot of money in 20 or 30 years like a vanilla collectors edition.
and even then, whos going to buy an old vanilla or bc box for 50,000$ ?

(Haavi) #77

To be honest I think they care about their precious ping. Every server has their good and bad players.
Every LFR is like 90% NA players and they’ve proved that they can fail even at that. So they have their share of dodgey players.

On a side note to that, whilst I’ve only done LFR Cabal once when gearing my Hunter (Because it takes about 5-6 attempts to get a group to kill it, most just fail spectacularly once and then disband) I had this one group which was surprisingly good.

Was really nice to see a boss that requires mechanics to be done in LFR and that “some” players were willing to take a second attempt to get it down.

Just thought I would put that out there because I know how much I usually rag on LFR in general for not being a good learning tool.

(Righteous) #78

Not garbage.
It’s a very real and the most likely possibility.
Your own flawed views as to the reason why doesn’t discredit the reality.
Blizzard has distribution/licensing for their products worldwide. Any hiccups in the chain from manufacturing to retail affects whether or not they can successfully place their product in a specific market. And if you should know anything about Blizzard/Activision, it’s that they want their product everywhere. They want your money. When it comes to making profit, spite isn’t a factor.