Obtaining Rank 3 Essences on Alts

At this point all I can say is I’ll believe it when I see it.

Blizzard Can you please clarify the below issues I am having.

On my Main I have gotten the following (as DPS which is my only option as a Lock)
Condensed Life Force (from the AZ raid) using the drops
Breath of the Dying (Visions and assaults)
Spark of Inspiration (Visions Chests)
Focusing Iris (Mythic+ Chests)

I have nearly all available to a LOCK as DPS at rank 3. However for this I am only concerned with the above essences.

If I log into my Tank DH Alt I cannot buy the Tank versions of the above essences.
Breath of the Dying (Visions and assaults) = Touch of the everlasting
Condensed Life Force (from the AZ raid) using the drops = Azeroth’s Dying Gift
Spark of Inspiration (Visions Chests) = Strength of the warden
Focusing Iris (Mythic+ Chests) = Anima of Life and Death

The Same goes for when I log onto my Healing Priest or Monk

Condensed Life Force (from the AZ raid) using the drops = Vitality Conduit
Breath of the Dying (Visions and assaults) = Spirit of Preservation
Spark of Inspiration (Visions Chests) = Unwavering Ward
Focusing Iris (Mythic+ Chests) = Life Binders Invocation

Can you please explain why this has not translated across? is it a bug? is this intended? If intended… why?!


then your one of the lucky few that is getting them as i have 6 toons with a rank 4 essence and not getting a damn thing much less able to see anything other than the deal that removes the corruption

I haven’t gotten any of these echoes and I just did a heroic warfront? What gives?

They implied in the original announcement (and it has since been confirmed in-game) that only the Mechagon and Nazjatar rep essences unlock the full role. Some believe this to be an oversight or bug, but their original announcement only annotated those as unlocked other roles once one is acquired (and specifically noted other essences require an exact 1:1, so you’d have to farm up the rest first on a toon that can tank or heal).

Again, which essences do you have at rank 3+ on each toon, and which toon is having the issue? If all 6 have the same essence at rank 3+, this is working as intended.

Allow players who earned the battlefield/honor essences on DPS only characters such as rogues, to purchase the Tank/Healer variants on alts. I did the honor grind, but because I didn’t do it on a Tri-Role class, I’m being punished, while druid/pally/monk mains can buy all three essences for their alts?


Can someone confirm if it’s ‘normal’ that some of your toons will not be able to earn echoes? I have 2 that are not able to earn echoes and I don’t understand why.

Allow that for all of the ones that have multiple role options. I shouldn’t be punished on my healer alts because my main can only DPS and tank. I shouldn’t have to repeat all of those mindnumbing grinds on my healer alt while peeps with monk, druid, or paladin mains get everything automatically under the new system.

I stated it above, but it bears repeating. A character is only eligible for Echoes if all of the following are true:

  1. Another character on your account has unlocked one or more rank 3+ essences that the current character has not unlocked at rank 3+.
  2. The current character is role-eligible for those missing essences (ie. if you’re playing a rogue, healing and tanking essences aren’t counted).
  3. You’ve logged in to that other character at least once since Tuesday to “register” those rank 3 essences.

Your main is unlikely to get Echoes, unless you have, for some reason, unlocked a rank 3 on an alt that you’ve not unlocked on your main. Any alts that have already unlocked all of the rank 3’s that your main has unlocked will similarly be unable to receive Echoes. The system will only drop Echoes for you if that character has something to purchase with them, ie a rank 3 from another toon that this one doesn’t have yet.

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Thank you very much. I think the above is why I’m not seeing echoes for those two toons.

(Not sure why blizz did it this way because that means these toons will only be able to start earning echoes if any of my other toons gets a rank 3 essence said toons do not have.) Anyway, thank you again for the info!

still no vendor on mother … my main rank 3 AE and didnt receive any EoN

That is how it works, yeah. It’s a convoluted system. Really glad I played this guy so that all three essence roles are already unlocked for alts. Sucks for people who only played pure DPS.

I expect them to have to change this system over the coming weeks.


I was expecting that the Essence items you buy from MOTHER would be account bound and bought with gold, plus Blizzard adds yet another currency for this expansion that already has too many already. :frowning:

I can’t actually believe they gave us this system, but you can’t purchase those rep-locked essences on characters whose role can’t be tank or healer. I have Exalted reps on my Warlock, but I can’t buy the rep-locked essences I worked hard for, for my alts? Isn’t that what this system was supposed to be resolving?



  1. Let echoes drop on your main and add a new item to purchase from mother for lets say 1000~ or so echoes that removes the corruption from an item and lets you apply it to a different uncorrupted item. Corruption system would be way better with more flexability on your corruptions, it sucks when you got all your good/wanted corruptions in the same slot so you can’t wear them, or you get the corruption you want on some 420 blue instead of your 475 items. Let us rearrange our corruptions, this also gives this currency another use for mains and once you’re done with alts.

  2. Let DPS mains buy tank/healer essences on alts if they’ve gotten the DPS equivalent. Defeats the whole purpose of the system for DPS mains with healer/tank alts if you’re making them regrind the same reputation nonsense just because they didn’t role a hybrind main.


This 100%.

Right now this favor HEAVILY favors anyone who took a monk/paladin/druid as a main because even if they never once changed into a healer spec, they still have the option to trade an essence they never used =(


Really though, even in the worst case scenario, nothing is lost with the introduction of the system. It’s a lot more convenient if/when you’re able to make use of it, but the original sources are all still there as well.

Everything you have done this expansion, EVERYTHING, has been 1 step forward, 2-3 steps back. Every decision made this expansion has been a poorly formed or poorly structured. You have been struggling to keep this half developed on release expansion above water. You haven’t been able to do basically anything thing right since the end of Legion across all of your games.


This is all fine and dandy but the only hotfix I want to see is the game not crash if you use anything but Directx11 Legacy setting. Can’t use DirectX12 even though I have a RTX2070 video card with the latest drivers. I get so tired of having to repair the game after it crashes and locks up Windows 10 as well as Wow. Then have to copy back in my backed up FTW and Interface folders. Even then I have to reconfigure the game the way I want for each and every toon. I haven’t had the problem so far with the DirectX 11 Legacy setting but it does drop the framerate down a lot.

I think that’s the point. No skipping the potential future grind, every toon will have to start from 0 if an alt hits rank 3 on a new essence.

And people here will defend it as “Players complain about having obsolete currency”. Thank god Blizzard is saving us from having a currency we ignore.

At least we don’t have to collect pieces of echoes in our bags and then assemble them into the currency. I have so many fragments of stuff in my bags this expac…