Obtaining Rank 3 Essences on Alts

idk why they even care about us “earning” the essence when bfa is over. mythic nzoth is done pvp is at an all time low for the expansion. to make us “earn” the essences AGAIN after us putting in easily 60+ hours the first round is dumb.

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I did 3 emissary that took like 10 mins each =150
i did 2 assaults that took 10 mins each =125
i Did 2 runs of lvl 9 cloak all 4 areas 15 mins each =300
1 hour and 20 mins which i would have done anyways that got me 575 echos and my alt had 445 ilvl which is like the basic u canhave within few mins after getting to 120 so i just dont understand why are people complaining about this new currency as its kinda free as you already do the stuff on an alt to get it atleast some power .

edit add like 15 mins of going from one place to another also but still not much of work .

I think it was to head off complaints from peeps that their mains were earning this currency and had nothing they could possibly do with it unless an alt managed to earn a rank 3 their main lacked. Honestly, they could have fixed that by just having a thing on the vendor that lets you turn them into Visions or Mementos at some ratio.

Or they could have avoided it by simply making essences account bound period. You know, the simple method. But ActiBlizz has to pump those metrics somehow.

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THANK YOU! Now I feel comfortable renewing. My healing alts can get the essences they need. :smiley: Though now this means I have to finish grinding Eternal Palace on my main. Oh dear.

TY Blizz, now my only problem is WHICH ALT DO I PLAY FIRST!!! too much choice.

Just noticed this this morning, thank you, that significantly alleviates one of my major complaints about the system. Thanks you for listening to your players here, it is appreciated.

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okay I give up. Is this not the same essence? I logged into ALL of my 14 or so characters who have rank 3 essences and this still is showing not available to be learned.


I have very very few of these I can even make use of since I obviously wasted my time earning them on all my alts and the one I should be able to make use of I can’t for reasons unknown.

Oh nvm, I am an idiot - I already have that one on that character. So grats to me a bunch of useless currency that I can’t make use of at all. I won’t miss this game.

The shortened version:

“We understand that we can only force you to repeat content so much before you unsub, so we’re improving the quality of life in the game by not enslaving you for a different taste of gameplay. Instead, we’re making you grind tokens in a similar manner to farming badges weekly on your alts because we don’t want to let you have too much fun and exhaust all the content we’ve produced since Shadowlands isn’t coming out for a hot minute, and we’re not trying to repeat the same mistakes we made for 2 expansions in a row (but we will anyway).”


Are emissaries back to rewarding echoes? Don’t wana do any and get screwed again…

I’m starting to receive the echoes on my main who has all the rank 3, any reason why?

for all roles you have rank 3?

Yes my main (this druid) has all the essences that my other characters has, and he’s the only class I played that has tank and heal spec, my other max level characters are all DPS (rogue, mage and hunter).

Make these things account-wide and can be earned by any character. I have little interest in doing the content that drops these items with any character other than my main. Let us farm these echoes on ALL characters. I want to farm them on my main, send to alts.

Alts are only doing w-bosses right now; I’d rather not have to download an addon to remove the constant popup reminding me of empty essence slots…

Thank you! :heartpulse: :dove:

These values are insulting.

Still can’t get blood of the enemy on my shadow priest, despite having rank 3 on my rogue. Thought you were supposed to have fixed this? You haven’t. Fix it now.

This sentiment is why they made this currency only drop if you could purchase something in the first place, and why there are so many hijinks and so much kludge in the new system, because they didn’t want people complaining about a currency without use on their mains.

Frankly, I’d rather have a currency I don’t (currently) have a use for on my main, rather than not being able to earn that currency at all on my main and then having to start the grind on him from scratch if one of my alts gets an essence my main doesn’t yet have (like, say, one of the PvP ones).

You can now purchase variants of rank 3’s you own that are for other roles. For example, if you’ve got the DPS essence from Horrific Visions at rank 3, but not the healing or tanking one, as of a hotfix on Friday you can now purchase the healing and tanking one at rank 3 simply because you have any of the essences from that source, even on your main.

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They either never removed them from emissaries, or have now restored them:

Just give us the essences man common just another boring grind you put on boring grinds from 8.3

total blah