Obsidian worldbreaker mount

(Ojoverde) #1

i finish the event this morning and got the achievement and the mount, i logout an enter the game a few hours later, i still have the achievement that rewards the mount but cant summon the mount any longer, its says that i havent earn the mount yet, please help.

(Kaivax) #2

With a hotfix that was implemented a little while ago, missing 15th Anniversary pets and mounts should now be restored to players in this region.

Stop crying

My Lil’ Nefarian is fixed, yay! (he isn’t too thrilled about it, though… I’ve put a cone on him for now, just in case. kek.)

I was getting worried I lost him just for logging on when servers were up before the scheduled end of maintenance. Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

((Edit: I apologize if that’s crossing the riske line, there. Delete if it is.))


All fixed now. Thank you!

(Vertigineux) #5

c o n e
o f
s h a m e



I’m just picturing him doing something like a dog in one of those many youtube videos when they must wear one.

He’ll get over it… eventually. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you!!!


Still don’t have mine. I tried logging off and back in. I just have the achievement but the mount is not in my journal.


Same here.

(Grondll) #10

The pet still says revoked
I don’t know about the mount, i just learned again from an alt


I can summon the pet but not the mount (I have the achievement).


Completed the achievement, didn’t receive the Worldbreaker mount.


This bug has NOT been fixed. I have gone through the torturous task of beating the ragnaros encounter even though it is bugged only to not recieve the mount, even though i have the achievement.

Blizzard please pay attention to either this thread or the bug reports, it is unnerving that in the FIFTEEN year anniversary you still can’t put out a bug free event.


This bug has not been fixed. Just earned the achievement minutes ago and never got the mount.


Well it doesn’t seem like the bug fixed did to much. I just finished the achievement for “Memories of Fel, Frost and Fire”. But it did not reward me the Obsidian Worldbreaker mount.


Just earned the achievement, it’s definitely still bugged.
On a related note, Ragnaros is WAY bugged too. But I’m more concerned with getting my pretty dragon.


i just completed achievement got mount but it does not show it and i am not able to summon


Same… just finished the quest. Earned the achievement. No mount was given and it is not in my Mounts Tab of the Collections.


Check mailbox, mine arrived there after I completed the achievement


Just got the achievement and no mount :frowning:

EDIT: NVM I’m an idiot its in the mail…