Ny'alotha Hall of Fame is Full

A few hours ago, the 100-guild threshold was crossed for both factions to complete Ny’alotha on Mythic Difficulty and earn their place in the Hall of Fame.

Raiders have until scheduled weekly maintenance (a.m. Tuesday April 21 in this region) to claim their spot!

With the weekly reset, Mythic Ny’alotha will become available to cross-realm groups.


Meanwhile, there’s probably been less clears of LFR N’zoth than Mythic.


So are we going see some nerfs for Ny’alotha since the race is about over?

Only took the Alliance like a month longer than the Horde.


I wonder the same even tho they started to nerf before and after the top end guilds got their mythic first.

all the top ally players switched to horde to have more people to recruit from. hm i wonder why that is? get the heck outta here.

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Congrats to all.

Since we got 7-8 months (Maybe more) of this content, at lease if they do the nerfs it can help some guilds progress and not get burnt out on a boss who they are struggle on.

I mean that’s cool and all but the whole page is nearly full with other countries, I think it’d be more appreciated over on their WoW homepage

umm? Theres like no NA alliance guilds anymore and LFG has no people to recruit to do content harder than normal or mythic 5.

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BFA has worked its magic: destroying the WoW player base.

I don’t know who Ny’alotha is designed for but it’s clearly not the vast majority of players.

Any plans on nerfing the immunity requirements on Mythic N’Zoth?

I think changes have been done in the past for this fight - but it seems like a large number of immunities are still required for this fight in particular.