Neutral Guilds and Loyalist Guilds

There is a huge imbalance for alliance players, it is much harder to fill guilds. This can be seen by the fact they barely filled in their hall of fame for N’zoth. (It might not have even been done.)

There are plenty of Alliance Cutting Edge guilds. How many do you need?

Your proposal is basically a faction merge except the existing NPC’s would maintain their current friendly/hostile setup.

This just is not true in comparison to horde. You’re either blind or being obtuse to troll.

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How does it divide them more? We work together in every expansion. It wouldn’t be any different. Horde are Horde, Alliance are Alliance, can’t do quests in each others’ zones or go to each others’ cities, they just work together.

Cross faction groups and guilds wouldn’t divide anything. They’d give people a larger pool of people.

I don’t agree with this whole “incentives” thing, though. I think it should just be straight up “you can group and guild cross faction, that’s it.”


The Alliance Hall of Fame for Mythic Nzoth filled in April.

Six months ago.

That’s what bothers me so much about these claims: They’re so full of lies.

Sort-of. But you’d only be able to group with someone on the opposite faction if they are in your guild. So a Belf can’t just see a random Human and group up with them.

It’s an objective fact that the Horde recruiting pool for PvE is far more active. Anyone denying this just because Alliance guilds managed to finally fill the Hall of Fame after having nearly 2 additional months to collect gear is arguing for the sake of arguing.

You’re taking divide as in faction. I’m talking about incentives creating a physical barrier for some players because they will feel the need to choose those incentives.

Thus why I said I don’t like the incentives idea.

Okay. So? Alliance was more active for years and you didn’t see anybody complaining it was an existential crisis.

Right, which was the point of my response. You asked how it created divide, that is my answer, it gives incentives.

I misunderstood. Apologies.

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The raiding scene was actually relatively balanced for quite a long time until top guilds started jumping to take advantage of racials. It’s been a snowball ever since.

Also, “it was like x before so not-x is acceptable” is not a valid argument. The goal is balance, not restoring a former similarly-bad status quo (as your argument suggests).

I don’t know about incentives, but I agree with the general idea. We already have neutral groups for NPCs like the Argent Crusade and the Cenarion Circle, so why not let the players make their own?

No its fine, I must’ve worded it poorly because it’s been confused several times now.

I don’t like the idea of incentivizing players to do anything that effects player populations.

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But the ability to be neutral is in and of itself an incentive. So there are incentives for either choice. How is this so hard to grasp?

No it wasn’t. Horde was tops in raiding since Burning Crusade despite Alliance being the far more numerous faction.

Why? Why was balance not an issue during all those years when there were more Alliance players, but now suddenly for the first time ever there are more Horde and you’re all acting like it’s the end of the world?

There is a difference between an out of game incentive, being able to play with friends, and an in game incentive, receiving currency for doing x. I do not think it is healthy to give people a currency or other in game incentive to do something that would exclude them from participating in what everyone else is. Why not just have neutral guilds, which is what I said earlier lol.

Also I’m not having difficulty grasping anything. Again, you asked for my thoughts in the post. You didn’t say “please agree with everything I say.”

Your thoughts were a debate against my position so I defended it. You were dismissing the idea without even explaining your point of view.