Now that the Tier Set voting has concluded for Season 4 - are you happy?

50 / 50 on the ones I voted for. So, overall… meh.

Looks like most of the good sets made it. Hunter got shafted though lol.

Yeah, season 3 is the best option for DH (the class rework was done with that tier set bonus in mind, at least for Havoc) and I am enjoying the season 3 set bonuses on my rogue alt. So I am happy, I honestly don’t give a damn about the transmog so I didn’t vote on those.

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As a Holy Paladin, I would have been happy with Season 2 or Season 3 honestly, they were both pretty good. Season 3 lets me dps a little better (I still like to maximize dps, and thought shadowlands healing was super fun), but Season 2 makes one of our choice nodes actually useful and powerful, which I also love. Just a shame the choice node is kind of trash without the set bonus. Maybe next expansion it will get a buff to put it in line with where the set puts it.



Yes, I am happy.

I did not see a post by blizz stating these results are what they are proceeding with.

Just because wowhead tallied means nothing.

Yep. I got what I wanted for Prevoker and for Balance. That’s all I really cared about.

Wowhead got the results straight from the polls? I’m not sure I follow what you’re saying.

I’m not a fan of this expansion tier sets, but the “best” of the 3 won for blood which is no surprise. Vamp blood is back to being an offensive button with a defensive benefit instead of the intended defensive benefit. Just an extra cooldown to be constantly making sure to push on cooldown more or less, especially in raids, because deities know raids are stupid babymode easy and raid bosses are basically target dummies that hit back with pillows anyway.

I’m never happy.

I was entertained. :clinking_glasses:

i would’ve preferred S2 over S3 but it’s nice to continue S3 instead of going back. it’s like it never changed.

I would’ve preferred we get to mix and match tier bonuses.

I’m really happy with both holy paladin and mistweaver monk, disappointed with disc since the tier set isnt used in pvp

Means blizzard might do some filtering before considering the results final.

Wait… what? What did I miss?

oh wow. Crazy. I never say this. :o only advertised on the forums? never saw it on b. net launcher. Always wanted bliz to do more polls and I hecking missed one.

News feed on the website, then all of the other sites picked it up. Was on Twitter, too and some streamer videos.

Why not Bnet? No idea. Usually news from their website is on the launcher. But I don’t read the launcher. lol

S2 Dev was strong in PvE but a non-factor for PvP but S1 tier functioned well for both without being tied to Dragonrage windows.

Only mildly disappointed not getting to see S1 bloodlust uptime with our new and improved crit-favoring build.