Now that the Tier Set voting has concluded for Season 4 - are you happy?

I wanted to see how everyone feels about the tier set voting. Did you get the tier set you want for your favorite specs?

No. I want all of them. I’m not going to bother with s4 otherwise.

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I wasn’t thrilled with any of my tier sets this expansion.

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This was a bad thing.


Should’ve given us all of the sets. I’m happy with what I got but a fated season should crank the chaos setting to the max since it’s all recycled content.


Looks like season 3 won for arms and enhancement. So yeah. Happy.

All good. I think the PvP folks were trying to mess things up but it worked out.

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Did not want to wear rocks. Less than chuffed about it.


Seeing as I keep getting attacked by rude elf players for liking Dimensional rift of all things… no…no I’m not. Always a dang elf that just has to go out of their way to make me feel like crap for my opinion or liking a spell, for all I know I mention the set bonuses I like they’d grill me for that too. I hope Midnight sucks for them so dang much… “Elf Expansion” yeah right… like they needed such a thing after being spoiled rotten for years.

I am a happy disc priest

Literally couldnt of went worse

I hate it and i will skip Season 4, i really hate the glacial spike

Essentially yes.

I just think it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out in the end, and also if they do something else in the future.

That’s what you get for using “couldn’t of”, rock eater


Ease up on the racism


Hopefully Blizzard removes all the excess votes some people did on multiple characters from the same account.

Then again, it shouldn’t have been a thing to begin with.

My view is that to vote on the polls, you needed to change your forum character a character of the same class and they had to be level 70.

So if I wanted to vote for what set disc would get, I would’ve needed to swap to my priest.

I am happy yes. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see why sets and bonuses were picked. Some people will not be happy and other won’t be happy no matter the results just the way it is.

Everything that I did vote for won. I did not vote in every class since I don’t play every class/spec.

Looks like the campaign for bm hunters last week to change their vote from s3 to s2 was successful.

Flat dmg increase on two abilities instead of extra dire beasts. More dps if the sets stay as they were I think, but less interesting for some.

Is anyone coming out ahead here? I’d like to play my ww monk and prot warrior in s4. And my frost mage too…

I actually like the season 1 evoker set, however, I voted for season 2 because I like that one more. I’m a bit disappointed with the results.