Now that the dust has settled, is BfA worse than WoD?

Game feels just as stagnant and I took a big break around Wod and came back during legion and I have no clue how they could go from legion to this.

Finding myself just as bored : /


I didn’t get to play WoD, RL stuff kept me unsubbed for that whole xpac.

I’m really hyped for 8.2 though. There’s lots of fun little things to keep us busy.


Short answer: yes

Long answer: Hell yes.


Classes were still entertaining to play in WoD, and leveling up wasn’t as much as of pain as it is now. Those are the 2 biggest things I preferred in WoD.


i was better in wod i want to feel useful again

i want horn of winter to give a str buff again


Still got GCD, stripped classes, lazy attempts at balance, bad story, over-tuned RNG, empty realms…


Mmmm, different situations entirely, I think.

WoD actually had more cut content than content included, and everything involving the Shattrath raid and Yrel’s story was cut, making it a virtually unfinished product. Yet some classes felt better than now, the raids were mostly solid, and the leveling felt nice.

BfA at least won’t be losing a bunch of content, it will be longer and the story won’t be cut short, but the classes almost all feel weaker and the story itself is bad.

Both of these expansions have weaknesses that make them difficult to enjoy, but for a different reason. I personally prefer BfA because at least it isn’t being cut in half, but I’d prefer the story from WoD because what we’re going through right now is absolutely dreadful. And WoD didn’t even have a good story!!


Yes. Not even a contest.


WoD had better classes, there was some sense of reward structure, and while the story was loltimetravel at least they weren’t dragging our known characters through the mud. The main issue with WoD was outdoor content (which the emissary system, while lazy, does fix it) and the fact they gave up on the expansion.


What I’ve seen of WoD from going back and doing things… it was much prettier and looked to have more effort put into what they did do. The issue was the garrison making it impossible to deliver what they planned.

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The zones are nice, but at the time I reviled them. When I’m airborne, I appreciate them so much more. But with no world quests or even daily quests (outside of one in a select zone), they were beautiful but dead open zones.


“Dust has settled”?

We haven’t even hit patch x.2 yet.

The dust is no where close to settling.

And BFA is no where near as horrible as WoD.


That’s unfortunate, it strikes me that WoD would have been less painful with legion style world quests.

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I am waiting till after 8.2 to make any judgments.


BfA is miles better than WoD.

I find myself doing more than sitting in my garrison all day because all world content was reduced to 1 daily quest.


The dust hasn’t settled. Once patches 8.2, 8.25 and 8.3 have rolled out and are done, then the dust will have settled.

Until then… WoD is the king of horrendous, so no, WoD wins that award.


For me, Equally Bad, unwanted systems, bad story writing, failed promised systems that contributed to ugliness of both WOD and now BFA. Plus I’m feeling a little left out as Alliance player in the story like sitting on sidelines watching it unfold.


Dust hasn’t settled. At all. Let’s talk again in 9.0. Wrath of the Lich King was viewed as “failed” during the end cycle of the expansion. Cataclsym was viewed as “failed” during the course of the expansion. Mist of Pandaria was viewed as “failed” during the course of the expansion.

BfA is not a terrible or failed expansion. Unless Blizzard decided to cut the expansion at 8.2, then no, factually it is not worse than WoD no matter what opinions say.

It’s a 15 year old game, it will never have 10M subs again and that is ok.

GD is very loud and toxic, with a lot of White Knights, but also with A LOT of “basement game developers” than constantly think they know better about how to “fix” a game instead of playing said game.


man this is some serious coping.


My two cents?

Still think BFA is more interesting that WoD ever was.

WoD’s Garrisons took over way too much.

Further, you are still comparing a complete (horrible) expansion, to an expansion that still has parts coming out.

Honestly, the only reason people don’t remember how awful WoD was, was because the parts they were afk during they were making ridiculous amounts of gold from the garrison missions, so people just forget about that.

No one seems to bring up the lack luster story telling, no one brings up the ridculous ring quest grinds, no one brings up the dungeons were long, sprawling and took forever to get through, with more trash than you can think of.

No one talks about the stagnant over a year of Hellfire Citadel, and how long and awful the first tier raiding was (Pretty sure someone coined the term, “that’ll cost you a raid tier” in WoD.

Honestly, WoD is the expansion that made me quit for over half the expansion, because there was nothing to do.

Oh, lets not forget the absolute gold sink that garrisons were, upfront, if you weren’t grinding them for gold non-stop.

Or the secondary massive gold sink to build the shipyard to even get into the Hellfire zone.

Garrisons and Shipyard, so much fun…