NOW Blizzard does something?

Oh so it’s okay to not ban average Joe Schmoe who only layer hopped 10x to get empty farming spots, saving him 10+ hours of time overall but now that some dude saved even more time Blizzard has to deal with this?

Layering isn’t even involved in the best ways to farm EXP, that’s pure dungeon grinding.

The record for a toon leveled from 1 to 60 prior to Classic in the Vanilla game was 4 days 20 hours played time.

The new record in achieved in Classic was 3 days 20 hours.

Lets call that roughly a 20% advantage gain, it could well be higher with the addon.

That player didn’t save more than a couple hours overall using layering, and would have had a much better /played if he waited for players to catchup and used dungeon grinding on later levels instead.

With help of other players instead of soloing, you could very easily push that under 3 days /played.

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Layering just lets people accomplish things a bit faster … and now they’ll be banned for it. I don’t really see the point of that advantage to be honest

Do you mean while the raid mode exploit was being used which has also now been shut down without punishing those who used it ?

If it was doable faster without exploiting, it would have been done already, this only reinforces the exploitative nature of layer hopping.

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No, without raid mode exploit you can still get over 100k xp/hr in 5 mans from 50+, and still far more than AoE grinding beforehand.

Add in having immediate access to BiS gear as well as stuff like having a hunter buddy to use Aspect of the Pack to boost early lvling speed and there is massive time to be saved using help.

Then why haven’t we seen a newer record set using the methods you describe ?

It’s been 3 weeks since release, many people have hit 60 yet the record of 3 days 20 hours still stands, despite the ease now present.

I’m a firm believer of “all publicity is good publicity”. Ban them all and let it make headlines, it might even attract more players because of the hardline stance.


I think it will just be the people who exploited layering to horde (heh, only ban the Horde :P) mats that will get banned. I don’t think the Streamers who hopped layers to improve leveling speed will have anything done to them

Because no one cares about anything other than world first 60, not time with least /played 60.

On completely fresh servers, the way Jokerd did it is just the fastest because you don’t have to wait for people to catch up to do dungeons.

There are many dungeon AoE farming videos that show MUCH higher xp/hour at lvl 40+ than Jokerd achieved.

Really ? … because the original record of 4 days 20 hours was done well post release, not during the first week.

Joana’s record wasn’t with an entire playerbase of people competing with him to get to level 60, back then there were maybe dozens of people who cared enough to try to get the fastest /played to 60 and Joana was the fastest of them.

With classic launch instead there were thousands of them, and it was obvious that Joana’s record would be completely shattered. Jokerd has also done under 3 days /played to 60 on pservers before, layering obviously didn’t help him much.

No instead he had imbalanced privately tuned servers to select.

Pserver’s have zero relevance here or in this discussion.

They have zero relevance but literally every classic first achievements were all by pserver players such as Jokerd. Jokerd didn’t even use layering in anyway until the very last levels, he would be massively ahead of Joana’s time without layering.

And guess what? Joana is using layering too in his current run to 60 (but still thinks he won’t even beat his old time). Oh no!

I am oddly drawn to you. It is weird because I usually like the person to be taller or as tall as me…You are a gnome. /ponder

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None of anything you have presented excuses or justifies layer hopping repeatedly in quick succession.

Blizzard should be punishing exploitative conduct in a consistent manner.


exploiting and cheating were punished back then , it just wasn’t as publicized because it didn’t spread and so on like it does today , specially with streamers in the spotlight.

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I agree but for some reason Blizzard seem happy with eploiters’ skewing the economy but when it comes to skewing the small minority of those who raid … notsomuch.

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The only rare drops going for vendor value are crappy rare drops that were always this way to be honest. I’ve gotten 3 blues and only 1 was worth a decent amount, but I can remember crappy blues like winged helm being vendored constantly even in 2004.

In Blizzard’s eyes, layer hopping isn’t that big a deal. It’s something they clamped down on via the layer change delay but it’s effects aren’t that huge.

Now jumping to bosses via layer switch, skipping all the trash, that plain as day cheating. People who exploited that are getting the banhammer.