NOW Blizzard does something?

How is this any different to using an addon to layer hop repeatedly to gain exp in an EXPLOITATIVE way…which has been acknowledged as such by implementing an increasing cool-down on layer hops post release.

Really Blizzard…you do something NOW ?

Before people troll me for this, no I haven’t used this exploit, or the layer hopping one either. I believe action should be taken against the layer hopping exploiters the same way as is happening with this.


Im more curios about what punishment will be given

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no punishment because top streamers were seen doing it , and if they punish them their fanboys will cry and they cannot punish non streamers and let them get scot free.


Who cares really, I’m just glad to see Blizzard actually doing SOMETHING, as opposed to the nothing done about layer hoppers.

I’d love to see uniform policing and punishment, not inconsistent and unpredictable inaction.

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They would have to ban a lot of the streamers.

And we all know that isn’t going to happen.


Guess we know that in the future if you want to cheat at something in a big game just be a streamer and there are no rules.


to be fair punishing people for exploiting is VERY anti vanilla…

unless you actually cheated(botting, editing files, etc) blizzard really never punished people back then.


Just adds weight to the inconsistency with this…great to see them taking action, but it seems very selective.

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Because one of them is the layering system working as intended and the other one isn’t. It’s not inconsistent at all.


Exploits are based on developer intention, layering hopping is something the developers intended to add (as bad as it is) while it should be obvious layering an instance is not.

If it was layering working and being used as intended, why was an addon made that allowed people to use it in an exploitative manner, which resulted in Blizzard then shutting down that behaviour by introducing an increasing cool down for hopping.

If it was working as intended, why introduce the cooldown ?

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If something previously did 20 damage in a game, but the developers nerfed it to do 10 damage does that mean it was never intended to do 20 damage in the first place?

Layer hopping is intended to be possible, there’d have to be a very arbitrary line drawn between using it to play with friends and farm mobs.

permanent bans for streamers


Very poor analogy that does nothing to change the situation.

Using your bad analogy…people were using an addon to force it to do 60 damage, when it was intended for it to be 20, which resulted in it being nerfed to 10.

As I said, very poor analogy, but hopefully you see can why now.


So where should Blizzard draw the line to ban layer hoppers?

Should they ban a high % of their playerbase who has used it just a few times for an advantage? Should they only ban those who did hundreds of layer hops?

If you ban ALL players that used it in some way to farm extra, you would inevitably accidentally ban a ton of people who never meant to do that.

So should you just ban only the worst exploiters and leave the other 99% of exploiters off the hook?

Nope no punishments, ya shoulda took advantage like they did while you could.

i’m expecting them to delete the gold and items and then slap some streamers on the wrist because when it comes to streamers blizzard will let them get away with a lot unless it has something to do with esports

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Well it will be very public if streamers get banned and I suspect it will also be very public if people get banned but streamers don’t.

Time will tell what punishment gets handed down.


Don’t muddy the waters and conflate the issue.

It’s very easy to distinguish who has spent hours/days on end using an addon to switch layers and gain an abnormal rate of EXP vs the user who didn’t have the addon and hopped a few times.

Blizzard have the metrics, they also very likely have access to information which can identify the addons used and how frequently they were used.


So, were the layers really worth it? Did they really save a lot of trouble?

I’d rather my rare drops actually feel good and be worth something more than it’s vendor value instead of the low worth now due to so many of them in supply. But that’s just my weirdness, I guess.