Now Available: Character Transfer Bundles

Now Available: Character Transfer Bundles

Take your adventures to a new realm in World of Warcraft® when you transfer your character or characters with the updated Paid Character Transfer service.

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I knew it.

I knew it would come after I spent hundreds in transfer.

BTW The pricing is good imo. 80.00$ for 6 transfers is a good deal.


Why limited time why not permanent?


The limited time sale is 8 transfers for the price of the 6 bundle (80.00$)

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Thank you! One of these days I’m considering moving all my characters to one realm that I had spread across multiple realms since 2007.

Some questions:

  1. Can the characters be from multiple different realms moving into one?
  2. Any plans for adding this to masse faction change potentially?

I really want to consolidate my characters on 5+ different realms onto one. With the plans to allow cross-faction grouping by 9.2.5 I’d love to get everyone on the same side.

Faction change extra? The 80 bucks is a deal compared to the previous price per toon!


I was hoping a bundle for faction change too.

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its finally here

I may end up using it to transfer all of my Horde toons from Tichondrius to Antonidas. I’ll just need to faction change them after that to the superior faction :sunglasses:! FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!

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It is sad that what should be free (but limited to yearly) costs so much.


It should be charged because you made that choice of being on that dead realm

Making a new character is free


Also to note, $80 for 8 is limited time, so it’s justified for it to be 6 character transfers after the sales is over

Either do it not or don’t If you have 8 characters to transfer

My realm wasn’t dead when I made the character. In fact it was one of highest populated realms.
And to be clear, free character transfers killed TBC Herod.


Well there are cases where the realm was thriving when the character was new, but declined over time. Like Bleeding Hollow was booming back when I rolled this character in Vanilla, but not so much any more.

Not that I think this new package transfer is a bad deal, it’s not, but I’d bet there’s a bunch of people who’ve been hanging onto their previously-healthy realms for a long time.

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I have some Alliance characters I’ve been wanting to transfer, this will come in handy.


I guess this is the reason you abruptly stopped realm connections over a year ago, after stating your goal was to connect every low population realm to a substantially higher population.

Why fix the problem when you can capitalize off the problem, right?


So I still gotta pay like 200 Australian to transfer 12 toons? Man that’s the cost of 2-3 new triple a games. Like thanks it’s better but you should really get these services tied into the game time bundle within reason.


Glad it finally happened, a few years late for me but perhaps still useful someday.

Now just up the number of characters per account please. The game is coming up on 20 years old and some of us have been around for all of it, would be nice to create new toons without having to get another account.


Yay update

Just transfer 8 for now, then the rest later after you finish working on the 8.