Notice of Warrant of Arrest for: Redblade, Altrek - Dead Or Alive (RP)

Notice of Warrant of Arrest for: Redblade, Altrek (Human)
Issued by: Lordaeronian Bureau of Justice and State Security Enforcement

Authorized by: REDACTED
Date of issue: REDACTED
Reward: Yes - to be paid upon delivery of detainee

Desired respiratory state: metabolically active or inactive (liquidation and combat cannibalism is authorized for field teams)

Crimes: Usurping the noble title and land of a member of the Lordaeron peerage. Failure to pledge loyalty to the Crown of Lordaeron. Failure to remit taxes to the Crown of Lordaeron. Assaulting Lordaeronian officials enacting the people’s business, assaulting civilians engaged in the same, theft of sensitive information, unlawful entry into secure defense facilities, murder of Lordaeronian citizens, membership in the Scarlet Crusade, subversive activity against House Menethil, unlawful entry into the national territory of Lordaeron.

Notes: An enemy of the people of Lordaeron and a member of the hyper-violent light extremist ‘Scarlet’ movement, this fugitive is sought in relation to a crime spree conducted over an extended period in and around Lordaeron and against the peerage. Using the disruption of Lordaeron’s defensive conflict against invading Southerners, Scarlet Cult Leader Altrek Redblade has inflicted carnage against unarmed, unresistant men and women due to their metabolic status. Individuals or teams engaging in the capture of this target may consider all present Scarlet zealots or fellow travelers surrounding Redblade to be immaterial to his procurement. A corollary addendum to this document pertaining to ancillary support protecting the subject contains reward tables for the donation of tissue and soul stuff as well as new recruits. Combat cannibalism is authorized in the procurement of this target.

Long Reign Queen Menethil, Shadows Protect her People
Lordaeronian Bureau of Justice and State Security Enforcement
Signed And Issued: Executor Sir Leondras Rommal and [REDACTED]

OOC DISCLAIMER: This is consensual rp, and all players involved agreed to this post. For ooc questions please feel free to contact Banshih or Altrek. To coordinate rp regarding this warrant, please contact Banshih or Altrek. This wanted poster can be found in Horde territories, as well as neutral locations like Booty Bay. Additionally, one or two posters would curiously find their way into Stormwind.

This rp is a part of the Dance Of The Dead event: Dance Of The Dead - Oct 21st & 22nd, 2021 (RP & RP-PVP)


Kat stood before the notice board, sly smirk spreading slowly under her mask, “What a beautiful turn of events… The Redbeast will know pain.” She croaked to herself, reaching up and snatching the wanted poster off the board, staring at it for a long moment before it was folded and added to the same pocket as Ailardan’s. She gave the pocket a light pat and turned to walk away, vanishing into the shadows.


It had been on his way back north when the next blow came, the Scarlet Inquisitor finding the latest of the wanted posters. As the single eye focused on the writing, a scoff was heard, before the paper was folded up, and, slipped it into a satchel that he carried. As he continued his journey to the Monastery, a voice, one born of bitterness and anger, spoke as he walked, " Your time will come, Forsaken…and I will enjoy seeing you burn…"


Lloria had already made the first of her many stops in response to the first set of warrants when she found the next pair. She didn’t know this Erickson from the previous warrant, but here was another name she recognized. She crumpled the paper up.
This is getting out of hand. Maybe there’ll be one with my picture on it next? If anyone even remembers me. No more messengers, I’m setting out up there today.


The Orcish General would look upon his recently delivered mail and notices the flyer of a wanted poster. He gazes upon it for a time before giving a light chuckle before crumpling it up and shoving it into his pocket. There was a brief moment where the Orc had a smirk on his face before placing one leg over the other and continuing his morning reading.


The name alone of this warrant had rung klaxon alarms for the Darkspear, prompting him to thoroughly read the flyer in its entirety. He was silent as he finished, his own connections had made him thoroughly well aware of the Redblade, the so called Crimson Flame of Lordaeron.

His body shook for a brief moment as he closed his eyes, forcing himself to still. Blue once more snapped open, glowing outright at this point in rage despite his still body.

The Chieftain of Hearthstone narrowed his eyes to thin slits.

If the Nexus wanted Coalition backing for this, they would have it, came hell or high water. These ver- He paused at that train of thought, shaking his head.

No, they were not animals nor men as that would be an insult to both. They were simply creatures that needed to be washed away in a wave of cleansing and purification and he’d be one of those seeking to punish these evil creatures for their crimes.


Aboard the ACAS Resolute, somewhere over the Great Sea

The trip to Pandaria to deliver medical supplies to Zouchin would take a couple of days; days one could always use to catch up on the ever-building paperwork that came with being a Commander of a military unit. Requests, orders, chits - all of them needing approval or denial or filing. Intel needed to be gone over and filed, and usually that was the most interesting bit, so he often saved that for last when he was able. It was always good to know what was going on the world, and though most of it was terrible, some of it gave him a chuckle, like some of the petty drama reported among Stormwind’s House of Nobles.

As the Death Knight finished up the more droll portions of his work and moved to the more interesting intel reports, something caught his eye. A WANTED poster. These were not exactly uncommon on his desk, as compared to other Commanders; as a Death Knight, he had certain…requirements that needed to be fulfilled, and an understanding had been worked out between himself and High Command. He could take approved bounties against certain heinous individuals, at their discretion; a packet of them was regularly sent to him, when the pickings weren’t slim anyway. This one was unusual in that it contained a note, however.

“All Argent units authorized to pursue this bounty. Torture not authorized.” Well that wasn’t a surprise, it never was…officially, anyway. Lichfire eyes scanned down the page, reading, silvered brows furrowing.

“Subject is known to have participated in the torture and murder of members of the Argent Crusade in addition to the Forsaken…” The note went into minutae much like the warrant had; he scowled at a certain string of words. “…methods including impalement of an entire Argent brigade…”

Well. It looked like they were going to go hunt for some Scarlets who’d gotten too big for their crimson britches after they were done in Pandaria…

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Altrek has already had to deal with a few greedy souls seeking to claim his head, none of them successful. One was killed on the spot, another fled screaming and bleeding into the Tirisfal wilderness, and yet another was currently spending some time chained up in the dungeons below the Monastery. He would not be an easy mark.

He picked up the wanted poster on his desk and looked it over, noting the price offered for his head and inspected the picture drawn of him. If nothing else they did a good job at showing his better features.


A pair of sapphire eyes scanned the warrant she came across in her wandering. The name looked familiar, even if the face was not. Sorelah had no doubt she had seen it somewhere before. She committed the name and face to memory before moving along, heading back home.

In a box buried within a chest in a closet, the cleric kept her worst memories. Deployment orders from the Alliance’s military operations, missives of varying sorts and purposes, and mementos of foes she had been forced to slay. She searched around until she located what she had kept from the Siege of Lordaeron.

That had been a dark time, the start of the Alliance’s own path towards evil and dishonor. Still, there were some among their ranks who would not tolerate sinking to the level of these zealots as they reclaimed Lordaeron. Nothing could ever make those actions necessary. At the bottom of the stack of parchment, she located the scrap of paper.


The Scarlet known as Altrek Redblade is now considered a wanted entity by the Joint Command of this operation. Reports of his continued brutalization of Horde corpses and outright murder run wanton throughout the camp. Impaling a woman through her groin and out her mouth, burning and flaying individuals alive, and other crimes more repulsive than anyone should rightly consider. Furthermore, his continued campaign of wanton and depraved behavior has cost the Alliance lives and drawn Horde reprisals beyond the scope of the war we are already embroiled in. Whatever brutality war brings about, whatever necessary evils, let it be known that his actions are not among that which can be construed as part of the course of war. If he does not surrender, the force that recovers him is authorized to kill.

Furthermore, Redblade’s actions reflect the nature of the Scarlet Crusade- a twisted echo of what was once an order started for the purpose of good. For too long have the shattered remnants of this vile organization scurried in our shadows. All Scarlet Crusaders found within our camp or discovered in the field are to be taken prisoner or dispatched if they resist with force of arms. Any who think themselves hosts are sorely mistaken. No scarlet flame will sully the honor of the lion.

Sir Harris Caryle

Light,” Sorelah murmured aloud as she finished rereading the notice, “I think I might actually be rooting for the Forsaken this time around.”

Argent header by Mirchea
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Commander Kul’Therin,

The Advance unit is hereby ordered to mobilize in response to Scarlet aggression. Your objective is the capture of Altrek Redblade, leader of the group calling themselves ‘Embers of the Flame’. He is to be detained alive and delivered to Mardenholde, where he will receive judgement from High Command. The rest of his underlings may either be captured or killed.

Be aware that his group is extremely dangerous. Not only did they impale an entire Argent brigade, but they’ve been in numerous clashes with the Forsaken over the past few months and are still well entrenched in the region. As you know, the Forsaken have also issued a warrant for his numerous crimes against their people. In this case, his crimes against the Argent Crusade take precedence.

Please see the attached map and intelligence report and feel free to use all resources at your disposal for further intelligence-gathering.

Nalex Foldro
Argent Crusade

((Wax seal by Sonceri))

Argent Divider by Mirchea

Not an easy mark, indeed.

The Commander observed the captured, ginger-haired man before him, bound to the barricades of the Bulwark between Tirisfal and the Western Plaguelands. He’d been disarmed - including the enchanted glass eye that he’d successfully blasted the Death Knight in the face with in the process of binding him up for the night - de-armored and gagged. The worst of the bleeding from his wounds had been stemmed - he was no use to Argent High Command dead, after all.

They wanted him alive, probably for extraction of intel; Mirch doubted they’d get anywhere with that. Redblade was a tough cookie to crack, and though the Argents had slaughtered the three guards the man had had with him, two of his own had had to be flown back to Hearthglen for medical aide. Their wounds, the exhaustion from the surprisingly difficult fight the four men had put up, and Redblade’s own injuries had necessitated they pause for the night at the joint outpost.

Silently the Knight wondered how one could fall to such zealotry. Was it willful, or an illness of the mind? Obviously there was trauma there, but plenty had been through worse and come out the other side relatively stable, himself included. He settled into a troll-squat nearby, still watching him as he pondered. This one he knew was not ever going to reform; it was only by the grace of High Command’s orders and the exceedingly slim possibility of intel that Altrek was still alive, and relatively whole. “What a waste,” he thought. Someone of such passion limited to such small ideals…

He shook his head and stood again, moving to check on his Argents, while the Forsaken guards of the Bulwark took his place in staring the bound man down.

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Altrek had found himself contemplating the events of these past few weeks, both those that had happened to the order as a whole and to him personally, and it caused his brow to furrow. Two of his own Scarlets were captured by the Forsaken, tortured both physically and mentally, and forced to watch as others decided their fate in the Forsaken’s twisted justice known as the Dance of the Dead. He himself had been captured by members of the Argent Crusade while he had been out culling the shambling dead that had been wandering the scar made by the Alliance, and despite a valiant effort from his brethren from Embers of the Flame he was spirited away to Hearthglen. The Argents did nothing to him while he was in their custody outside of feeding him thrice per day or attempted to get him to talk through conversation, so he was pleased when a week later the Embers staged a rescue to save him from imprisonment and from boredom. If it weren’t for them he would’ve likely been shipped off to the Forsaken…

Now that he was free he had much to consider in terms of next steps. Should he plan for retribution against the Forsaken and/or the Argents? What methods would be suitable for what both factions had done to him and his kin? Should he focus on expanding the territory the Scarlet Crusade holds within Tirisfal Glades? Sure there were still undead within the Glades but they weren’t as prevalent as they were when the Banshee Queen rule them from Capital City…pockets here and there and ranging from highly guarded military bases to small residencies of risen farmers trying to continue the life they had before undeath. Or maybe–

Screams for mercy returned his focus to reality as his sole eye blinked several times. He looked down at a struggling Forsaken spy they had captured recently, holding the rotter down to keep them submerged in the bathtub filled with holy water. To one of the living a tub of holy water would be cleansing, a feeling of relief after a weary day…to the undead it was like being dunked into a vat of corrosive acid.

The Forsaken clawed at the Scarlet Commander’s arm frantically as they tried to escape, but Altrek’s grip was like iron. Eventually the struggling ceased, the water in the tub becoming still while it still hissed from the conflicting powers of holy Light and the necromancy that had animated them. The sickly yellow light in the undead’s eyes had vanished, the soul cleansed and sent on its way to the afterlife.

Altrek proceeded to stand and leave the room, wiping his arm clean as others went to dispose of the remains and of the now dirty water. He had time now to make his decision on what to do next…and with that knowledge he couldn’t help but grin.


((As a reminder this bounty is still active, so anyone looking to try their hand at cashing in on this feel free to message me to set things up.))


Biff emerged from a nearby doorway, having just won Lordaeron’s 16th annual ‘Pure Flesh’ classic bodybuilding competition by a landslide amidst troubling accusations that he was not, in fact, “natty.” He spied the notice.

“Altrek?! Pfffft! More like No-trek.”

Biff looked left, then right, then peered more closely at the notice, removing his paper cut-out Hallows End Undead mask.

“Redblade?! You can’t have red blade when the notice is black and white. What an iiiiiiidiot.”

Biff cackled to himself, clapping a hand over his forehead at his own Supreme self-awareness and the posters lack of deductive reasoning. He nearly knocked himself out, his battered skull sported more craters than the surface of Argus and any impact, however light, was perilous at best.

“I bet this guy only benches 315. Combat cannibalism sounds cool though. And how can there be a High Command, when it’s Forsaken. OH MY GOD. They are so dumb!”

Biff snorted and staggered away from the notice, remembering to take his 8am dose of breast-milk, but forgetting to replace his mask. The following chase by the Forsaken guards was spirited.

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((Bounty is still up! 25k gold is nothing to sneeze at and if the (Forsaken) Lordaeron Bureau of Justice feel like it they could bump up that price.))

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((We still haven’t managed to get all of the stench out of the cell he was kept in in Hearthglen.))


It was another busy evening for Altrek as he walked the parapets of the Scarlet Monastery walls. In fact the whole week had been filled with tasks to keep him busy, ranging from sending out patrols through the Glades to interrogating prisoners in the dungeons. Those same prisoners now adorned the walls for all those riding up the path leading to the Monastery to see…impaled on wooden posts, the ones that didn’t immediately die of shock still twitching with the post pushing through their innards. Their screams had stopped hours ago after spending the whole night vocalizing their torment, their voices completely shot and the realization that doing so would not change their fate.

As he looked out towards the Glades Altrek let out a long sigh, his hands clasped behind his back as he said to himself out loud: “I wonder if there are more people seeking my head for that bounty? Twenty-five thousand gold is an enticing sum of money…though perhaps it is because of who is offering that gold that makes people hesitant. If it was the Argents I’m sure there would be more people eager to come try their luck.”


((Still open for folks to make their attempts! Or if they want to make their own wanted poster for Altrek feel free to do so! See who can outbid the Forsaken for this Scarlet’s head!))


((Despite being beaten tonight in battle Altrek is still alive and uncaptured! Bounty is still open!))

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