Notice of Warrant of Arrest for: Ascania, Terez; Pseudonym Despot of Eastburg (RP)

Notice of Warrant of Arrest for: Ascania, Terez; Pseudonym Despot of Eastburg, Lady High Demagogue of the Stormwind House of Nobles

Issued by: Lordaeronian Strategic Command
Authorized by: REDACTED
Date of Issue: Redacted
Reward: Yes - Ennoblement Baron within the Court of Menethil, twenty thousand coin weight in gold real value to be paid in land, life force spell reagent, or an appropriate mixture of the three, indemnity for loss of life, property, planar stability, regional infrastructure, local temporal linearity, planned or unplanned release of area of effect arcano-tech, bio-alchemical or temporal-disruptive munitions, or harm to ennobled bloodline continuity while persecuting this warrant as well as legitimization of any war booty seized during field operations. Suspension of humanoid rights violation prohibitions for the duration of any operation is provisionally approved.
Desired respiratory state: metabolically active (liquidation not authorized for field teams)

Crimes: Enacting an illegal war without declaration or state approval against the nation of Lordaeron. Financing paramilitary forces in an attempt to topple the Lordaeronian State. Leading paramilitary forces directly in assaults against the people of Lordaeron and their holdings. Invasion of Lordaeronian capital during time of national emergency. Theft of historically significant artifacts belonging to the nation of Lordaeron’s royal line. Supporting anti-Menethil reactionary forces guilty of treason. Collaboration with those guilty of attempted genocide against several Northern populations.

Notes: A Southern warlord and descendant of treasonous pre-war nobility, the Despot of Eastburg Terez Ascania has previously massed a military force to directly assault the Lordaeronian capitol during a time of national emergency. While it is not typical for Strategic Command to become directly involved with law enforcement actions, this case warrants unusual steps due to the severity of the atrocities leveled against our beloved nation by this enemy of the North, foe of the Menethil line, and menace to the people of Lordaeron. Using her position as a tyrant under the boy king as a shield, this woman, scion of a cursed and traitorous line, raised an army to wage an unlawful and illegitimate war during a time of official armistice. High Command considers her apprehension critical for both national security and territorial integrity reasons as an example must be made. Capture teams are instructed to ignore potential collateral damage and arms limitations treaties as the Tyranny of Eastburg is as of the official printing of this document, considered a rogue state by Strategic Command.

Yet We Still Stand
In Service to Queen and Country
Lordaeron Strategic High Command
Signed And Issued: Executor Sir Leondras Rommal and [REDACTED]

OOC DISCLAIMER: This is consensual rp, and all players involved agreed to this post. For ooc questions please feel free to contact Banshih or Terez. To coordinate rp regarding this warrant, please contact Banshih or Terez. This wanted poster can be found in Horde territories, as well as neutral locations like Booty Bay. Additionally, one or two posters would curiously find their way into Stormwind.

This rp is a part of the Dance Of The Dead event: Dance Of The Dead - Oct 21st & 22nd, 2021 (RP & RP-PVP)


A short time after the lunch hour, Lloria was still pacing through the city, though now with renewed energy and a more cutting stride after being energized by the discovery of the first wanted poster. She was deep in thought as she moved now, but a flick towards familiar dark red ink on another poster caught her subconscious attention and brought her to another stop. She went over to look at this new poster and read it with a frown, not bothering to remove her helmet this time.
Another one? What the bloody hell is going on around here?
Lloria sighed and tore down this poster as well. She didn’t get along with the nobility; after all, who among the upper crust cared much for rubbing elbows with a bloody handed loose cannon such as herself? But she was still a knight of the realm, so it was time to do her due diligence and track down this Lady Ascania…


Another day in the Northlands, another day of doing paperwork. Zaria sat within her office with her massive Alteraci Mastiff beside her as she worked. Within the massive stack of pages on her desk, Zaria pulled free the torn wanted sign and blinked.

“Hey…” Zaria grunted, and then gently nudged the dog at her side with her foot - and the Mastiff sat up at attention.

“…We were supposed send a letter to have tea with this one, right?” She sniffed. But the hound sort of just… happily panted next to her, much to her annoyance. In spite of this, she continued to speak to her dog.

“Think we should do that still?” She asked, and the dog just… leaned itself on her lap.

“Doesn’t hurt to try. But you are delivering the letter, dear boy,” and, she scritched at the Dog’s ear as she started to write a letter.

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Terez sorted through the letters that began to flood her desk from couriers all across the realm. Pirates, nobles, paladins, and commoners alike sent her letters containing copies of the warrant as well as pledges of defense and aid. With a sigh and a delicate pinch of the bridge of her nose the Duchess read over them all, stacking each into neat little piles on the corner of her desk - a place where everything lived and resides only at ninety degree angles. All proper. All prim. All put perfectly to place.

Surely this was a ruse. Surely this was but an attempt an intimidation. Surely this was just another terror tactic. Either way, ruse or truth, Terez resolved herself to one thing.

She would dictate her own schedule and movements, not the Forsaken.


Leondras Rommal refilled his glass with a dull amber liquor, swirling the tasteless liquid as he proofreads the proclamation. He wasn’t informed about this “Despot of Eastburg”, but the crimes documented were a clear enough message. The Executor gave a quick nod of satisfaction as he signed the bounty. Recent failed actions against the Scarlet Crusade made this the next logical resort, and subversion by a foreign power will not be tolerated.

“Bah! It’s worse yet that the Southern Dogs hound our borders. If the King-Regent wanted a proper war, then he should be sending soldiers, rather than funding such dim-sighted rebels.”

"Distribute the copies as you see fit, so long as the message is spread throughout Azeroth.

The messenger nods in acknowledgement, receiving the sealed document from the Executor’s outstretched hand.


The Orcish General made his way outside of the Orgrimmar barracks after his morning reading and coffee. He made his way to the notice board to see what has been posted there. He gazes upon the warrant for multiple targets. More than usual on such a calm morning. He looked at the contents of the paper and gazed casually at the others noticing their similarity. Just as this happened a Troll came by with another poster and was about to put it over the many wanted posters already placed there. The General stopped him with a gentle hand.

“Give these some time to breathe soldier. Put yours on a different spot”

Spoke the heavily armored Orc. The Troll nodded and began placing it elsewhere on the board as instructed. The Orc knew these wanted posters were significant and wasn’t going to let them be buried so soon.

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Nothing was spoken as the Darkspear’s eyes roamed over the warrant, an odd mix of dread and righteousness filling the troll as he finished reading the first of many warrants he’d seen over the prior days.

He clicked his tongue as he folded the copy of the warrant, pocketing it into a satchel at his waist. Nothing good would come from this he knew, knowing how blood-thirsty a rather sizeable portion of the Alliance leadership were to begin with…yet at the same time, he had a feeling this was also high time coming especially with this supposed Despot.

The Chieftain furrowed his brows as he strode past the crowd from the command board, the blue within the shadows of his feline hood near glowing in intensity as a Vulpera swallowed nervously at the sight of him.

Diplomatically, this would be a mess of unprecedented levels he’d never dealt with before but it seemed as High Speaker of the Coalition, he’d have to rise to the occasion seeing this group of Forsaken had signed with the Coalition. In a way, it was his responsibility and duty to do so. To do less would be a dereliction of duty and given the work and sweat put into the Coalition, he’d sooner swallow a sword than do so.

The coming months would certainly be trying.

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