Nothing will be done until AQ opens

Blizzard is going to hide and do nothing to address the various concerns of the griefing and collusion going on across nearly every server in order to prevent players from being able to farm the quest items for the AQ bug mount unless your part of the groups controlling the area or you pay for the right to be in the zone they will openly attack harass grief and even use mass reports in order to have the GMs act as an accomplice all in the attempt to keep others out of the way of their own farming

Blizzard has reached a new low in terms of shame for sitting back and allowing this to happen i mean look at all the various threads on the matter and yet not even a blue comment on the growing number of concerns but yet they found the time to change a non trivial item like the ectoplasmic quest item but apparently the cheating and zone disruption issues aren’t a top priority

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Blizzard gets flack for making changes, and is now getting flack for not making changes. People need to make up their minds.

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Can you explain how this works. I’m curious. The GMs are helping to keep people out? o_O

Anyway, I think that’s all pretty lame and I’m staying away from the zone entirely. I would like to try and do the quest later on though after the gates open, to get the recipe and epic rewards would that work?

i don’t think it’s on every server though. I haven’t heard about anything like that happening on mine.

no theyre not actually interfering perse but the companies own inaction and not even so much as a blue post to let players know theyre aware of our concerns is basically saying go ahead and keep doing what theyre doing in silithus the company isnt going to punish you snd even if they do itll merely be a minor one and by the time they do get in gear and do something the event will already have concluded anyway and no further mounts will be obtainable

by their own inactivity yes Blizzard is basically an accomplice

I want you to imagine how much time it takes for a company to investigate in game player behaviors based on suspicion of collusion taking place in 3rd party chat channels that the company has no access to. That’s all they have to on. They can see the player behavior in game, which amounts to players farming and PvPing. Nothing is outside the realm of what a player should be able to do. To prove the collusion, they have to investigate communication occurring outside of WoW.

Wrap your head around how this issue has to be approached by Blizzard before they can do anything punitive about it.


they can easily pull the discord info from the guilds doing and read the chat logs themselves im sure Blizzard already has the access to such just send a few interns to comb thru the logs and print it out there ya go proof enough players are cheating and by the companies own lack of effort to do so theyre effectively telling those players keep doing it

Can they? They don’t have any authority over discord or anything happening on discord. Discord themselves doesn’t keep a record of guilds using their service. 100% of any links between WoW and discord requires investigation by Blizzard. This isn’t grade school. Blizzard isn’t your home room teacher. They don’t get to take away your recess because you said a bad word to Sally on the way to school.


That is wholly illegal, and a blatant invasion of privacy. If they did that, Blizzard would get sued into the ground.


anyone with the discord info can access and read everything they say on there its public domain on an internet forum its no more a privacy issue than others reading your comments on facebook

as for the legality of it all well they gave up that right the moment they posted the discord info on the WoW program or didnt you notice everything said and typed on WoW is subject to jurisdiction by Blizzard which now includes the info you claim is protected Blizzard didnt force them to disclose it the players put it there themselves its no more illegal than police searching the trash cans on your curb

Let’s try this again:

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They have no jurisdiction over 3rd party communication. They can’t use 3rd party chats as evidence of in-game violations.

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He has his own narrative. It was worth a shot though.

Judging by your posts, you clearly dropped out of school in the fifth grade, so I’ll type slowly and use small words so you can understand.

Each discord server is a private forum that you have to be invited into. Entering that server under false pretenses is fraud and an invasion of privacy. Every member of each server could then sue Blizzard, since Blizzard has no legal right or permission to access those servers.

Also, this isn’t the police searching the trash cans at the curb, it is the police searching your garage without a warrant.


I have a screen shot of a horde player in a large guild admitting to colluding with alliance. In fact, this guild claims to have an alt alliance guild on the same server as their main horde guild just for this event.

Will anything happen? Highly doubtful.

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Did you send the screenshots to the email address linked by Delimicus above?

Nope. I sent it via a ticket though.

From my understanding, is for actual hacking programs.

sadly this isnt a case of hackers its a bunch of players colluding on both factions to ensure they and only those they choose get the right to quest in partake of the event thru constant griefing corspe camping and total zone crontrol in order to make sure no one outside of their groups even gets to do a single thing until the event is over

Blizzard has amazingly been absent and silent the entire time and will most likely lay low until the event is concluded rather than put forth the effort to deal with this serious problem

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Third time’s the charm?

Well, at least linking this over and over again will show other people that you’re just trolling.

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Yes we know. You made this topic yesterday.