Not sure if this indicates a problem


I get a “your account has been logged in from another location…” message very often. I change the password every time, and have authenticator. Nothing seems to be messed with and I don’t share my computer or information with anyone. It seems odd that it happens so frequently though and I’m worried there might be something going on. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

(Ekon) #2

Are you trying to log into the Classic and Retail clients at the same time? Maybe the companion app at the same time as one of the clients?

(Melaesia) #3

Do you use a VPN, or “tunneling” service?


I haven’t tried classic yet and I don’t know what a VPN is, so I’m assuming I don’t use one. I do use the WoW companion app on my phone and stay logged in there, could that do it?

(Bertheigh) #5

yes that can be the source.


For what it’s worth Reijah, I’m not seeing any changes to the access on your account. All recent access seems to be coming from the same location.


Thank you all so much, I wasn’t even thinking about the apps and stuff. I just kept seeing that message at log in and jumped straight to paranoia about someone trying to hack me or steal my identity.