Not Receiving Ash'adar, Harbinger of Dawn

Its hella bugged, I didn’t have to complete every objective to earn tender unfortunetly so that may be it lol, but I can’t earn anymore now. smh

Same issue here. Got 100 tender (supposed to get 500?), no mount. Will try OP’s workaround.

Update: No dice. Logged back in after 15+ minutes, and my progress was rolled back by 200 points. I then logged in with the character that earned those 200 points (they completed optional waking shores storylines), the progress bar completed again then told me I had collected all my rewards for the month. I’m still 400 tender short of what should be awarded, not to mention the mount. Logging out for 10-15 mins apparently cycles this problem over and over.

same issue, got 300 tender, it supposed to get 500 and no mount.

Same issue, except now I am back at 0 and it is telling me to start over again.

Same issue here.

Same issue. I only received 100/500 tender and didn’t get the mount. Logout for over 10 minutes didn’t work either. Good to see that they are going to fix the issue as per: Trading Post - Known Issues and Updates.

Same here. I completed my bar and returned to the trading post and I could not loot the chest and never got the Ash’adar Harbinger mount. Will try logging out.

I am having the same issue. Completed the monthly travel log. It says I have collected all the rewards for the month. It showed the completion with Ash’adar as the reward, but the chest is not accessible. I’ve logged in on three different characters on two different realms (Azuremyst and Staghelm) and nothing happens. I logged out for over 20 minutes and still nothing has changed.

Naturally no blue post to explain what’s going on or to even acknowledge its been read. Completed this earlier for the 1k needed. No mount no nothing. log off for a couple hours and log back on to my travel points being empty again and the amount available when completed, yet i have a bunch of stuff below checked off as done …

There’s a help article. They’re aware of the problem and will be working on a fix.

I feel like this is going to be the boat I am in. I logged out for 30 some mins, and nothing. so now trying a scan and repair…

Update, logged in and out after 20min and still cannot loot the chest and no mount.

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Same here completed travelers log no mount when clicked the chest gave 600 tender instead disappointing

Oh look a Blue post. :B


Me too, got 1800 trader’s tender but not mount :frowning:

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I filled my bar and didnt get anything as well.

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Same here , i relog then restart the game . It says i clamed the reward for this month :frowning: so disappointed


Same here. In the beginning I earned a few points, I guess 400. Then when I completed the remaining achievements, I was not able to retrieve my remaining tenders from the chest nor the mount. What can we do?


Same here :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Same thing here yesterday. Completed the remaining, got to the chest, only got the tokens, no mount. Logged out for a while, came back same thing and the Traveler’s Log showing I’ve got all rewards.

Now this morning I wanted to check again, same thing but the Traveler’s log shows as if I completed nothing at all, but all my completed stuff are checked…

EDIT: now it updated back to completed, but still no mount.