Nonsensical antics in Thousand Needles

Perhaps I missed doing this questline back in Cata, or I memory holed it. But I hated it.

Mind you, I was on my DK, so I really didn’t care about the Centaur’s lives. However, from a RL perspective it was a terrible situation to be in. I still can’t post links, but I’ll give you the name of the Gnome who gives you the quest: Crazzle Sprysprocket

You can go to any WoW fansite like wowhead to look it up. This is a questline for both Horde and Alliance and they go down the same path, without any ability to choose differently aside from simply not doing the quests.

We are tasked with trying to buy rights to the oil field in Splithoof Heights, where the Centaur of Thousand Needles have taken refuge from the flood waters. However, upon learning of how much gold the other faction is offering(after beating the snot out of the other faction’s representative and filching their documents), we attempt to use iron pyrite(fools gold) to outbid them. The Centaur chief notices it’s fake and tells his people to attack us. We then are tasked with killing Centaur and guarding an oil pump as we steal the oil.

This isn’t the only time we end up doing something nasty in a quest, but it was the most recent and it got me thinking about story direction and quest possibilities.

Choice. We don’t often get one. If I had had my way I would have bopped that damned Gnome on the head and told him we’d find another way to gain access to the oil. But, as in Skyrim and the Paarthunax quest, we don’t have an option other than to ignore the quest. And that is no bueno. I never want to have quests like this in the game again, where you are railroaded into doing terrible things in order to complete the quest.

I was fine with gunning down Orc soldiers swimming to shore in Pandaria, and I would have been fine with wiping the Centaur off the map given proper justification. But don’t have me act out the part of an incompetent liar. I can be harsh, I can be hostile, I can be unforgiving. But I’m not incompetent and I’m not a deceiver. Blizzard should strive to give players more choice and options when it comes to our story. Not the illusion of choice, but actual agency.

That’s my rant for the day. I know it is exceedingly unlikely to ever be something that is implemented.

Edit: Reading back over this I realized I might have smooshed a complaint a little too closely with another. I hate the questline on its own merits, but I hate it WAY more due to lack of agency. A quest like this could actually be thought provoking, result in introspection over your choices, etc, IF there were any choices.

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People should accept that sometimes in video games you play the bad guy. This is not a bad thing. I like playing the bad guy sometimes, and the more people complain about things like this the more I want to do quests like this. I don’t feel bad at all about killing fictional creatures for evil purposes. Keep it coming Blizzard.

Guessing you didn’t read the last paragraph. You’ve missed the point of my post entirely. Player agency in questlines is desired.

You don’t want questlines with only evil actions to exist. The solution to not wanting to do it is to not play it. It is a perfectly viable option.

Reading comprehension!

I quote:

I’m sure you’ll get it now.

You said this. I’m saying there’s nothing wrong with doing terrible things in fiction.

Sometimes you are just a gun for hire, so you do what guns for hire do.


Exactly. We are murder hobos for a reason.

Back in vanilla you had quests where you helped members of the Twilights Hammer for example. Such as Willow in Desolace, Gerrig Bonegrip in Ironforge, Keeper Bel’dugar in Undercity or Zaruk in Arathi Highlands. The latter appears to have left the order by Cata though.


There is an entire zone in MoP where you’re working for the servants of an old god. Servants who make no secret of their loyalties.

Doing bad things for rewards is pretty much part and parcel of the game.


Careful guys. Doness has found this thread and is '“gouging his eyes out” on twitter because of it.

Apparently making references in the lore that we are basically a hired gun canonically by using examples of where we willingly aided antagonistic factions in the past for loots is problematic.

Sorry guys, but I like murdering and burnating things for shinies and loots. I don’t really feel all that terrible about it.


Why though? Are we supposed to feel guilty for being murder hobos for hire? It’s like some people want to play Hello Kittie Isle, WoW edition or something

They absolutely don’t and people who get in a tizzy about doing bad things in a video game should quit.


Some people don’t grasp that it’s called FANTASY for a reason. It’s supposed to absurd and fantastical and not mirror our world. If I wanted to be morally outraged by stuff, I’d go outside and see how terrible our world is.

Fantasy is supposed to allow one to escape from our troubles and dwelve into the world of dragons and other mythical creatures.

But it’s twitter, and it’s a joke anyway, let them fester in their own pettiness and anger

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I’m honestly not surprised that the extreme WoW twitter crowd is acting this way.

I wonder how they play literally any fantasy game that exists. Because pretty much every single one involves quests similar to these ones, or mentions of races like Kobolds being ‘lesser’ etc etc.

Do they just flip a table and ragequit the moment they see it? Or do they only do this about WoW because they feel like it gives them cred somewhere?


It’s just bizarre to me. Like, I don’t feel bad for murdering villages of murlocs, kobolds, centaurs and elementals and I’m never going to feel bad or loose sleep over it.

You’re right though, makes one wonder how these people function in real life when not on twitter.


I think there are more recent. Like I remember being asked to curb stomp enemy soldiers in a quest. Or destroy harpy eggs.

Anyway, understandable to want choices more often.


To me, the most egregious case of the player mindlessly going along with bad stuff without any commentary whatsoever is doing everything the EVIL OLD GOD KNIFE said in BFA in the leadup to that short naga raid.

It wasn’t even a trick or deception we just straight up do everything the EVIL TALKING KNIFE WITH AN EYEBALL ON IT says to do.