Noggenfogger - Still bugged

Noggenfogger is still bugged for druids. This was a very significant item that druids used for PvP back in vanilla. It is even stated on Blizzards known list of bugs, so they are well aware of it.

Please look to fix this before BGs are released.

For anyone who is unaware. The Skeleton form appearance is supposed to remain visible, even while in cat and bear form. Currently, you retain the buff, but the cat form/bear form model overwrites the Skeleton form. This is not how it was in vanilla.

Edit, since people seem to think its not a bug. Or that it was never this way in vanilla. WoW Classic 1.13.2 Known Issues List - 8/27/2019

Also, those who want it to stay “fixed” well, that’s silly logic considering they’ve relatively kept to nochanges. Why change druids?

UPDATE: They fixed this. Skeleton form now is retained while in Cat/Bear form. Thanks Bliz!! Sorry to all those people who clamored we were wrong lo.


It is actually listed in the “not a bug section” because it is considered kind of an exploit not allowing other players to know what form you are in.


That would be really cool to have druids use Skelly form on top of their animal forms

Skelly cat and skelly bear. OMG skelly Boomkin!


Yep, not a bug. Shadowform knocks it off as well.


Anyone with addons will know exactly what form your in anyway.


Only good boomkin is a skellie boomkin anyways

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Bear form too strong.

I saw a moonkin in Ironforge the other day. It was shocking, and I gave him my leftover mage water before I logged off for the night.

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I admit, I also raced toward noggenfogger in the hopes that I would be able to use it in forms and better replicate my vanilla experience as I used noggenfogger religiously back then in order to correct a visual bug during vanilla - when a druids melee attack radius in catform sprung, not from its head, but from the center of its body. Using noggenfogger replaced the cat form visual with a humanoid model and made life much easier.

And, like you, when I discovered it didn’t work like it used to, I was pretty bummed… but, i’ll admit, it is pretty discombobulating for your enemies. So much so that it gave druids an observable advantage in pvp situations during vanilla.
However, with addons and general player awareness better than ever before, it might not have the same impact today as it did then, but it nonetheless would still be an advantage.

Take limited comfort in that, though this noggenfogger thing didn’t make the final draft, neither did that horrible catform bug that necessitated its usage. So, that’s something.

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Poor boomies we had one that raided with us when moonkin form back in day. She would farm up everything flask up etc tried so hard. Was good player to be honest spec just isnt that great dmg wise.

Thankfully we was all laid back and didnt bother us at all. Had rets and shadowpriest too in bwl even in Aq

Sounds like a really scummy way to hide your forms from your opponent.

Glad they fixed it.



Cant really hide as you can still see their Aura and know what form they are


Not a bug, that’s how it was. Skeleton is shapeshift, which is why changing forms erases it.

I don’t ever recall druids being able to use Noggenfogger Elixir over their forms.

Plenty of videos on you tube showing they did.

Also, its a much bigger issue being mana drained in form than noggenfogger is.


For you, and those of you who believe it’s not a bug. It is listed on the list of know bugs. Please see: WoW Classic 1.13.2 Known Issues List - 8/27/2019

Specifically the 10th bullet on the art section (first section)
“Noggenfogger Elixir does not retain the skeleton model on a shapeshifted Druid”

Read the first 2 words and now I have the smelly cat song stuck in my head.


It is a bug, see: WoW Classic 1.13.2 Known Issues List - 8/27/2019

Not true. Myself and many others played vanilla and it skeli would retain even in forms. Plenty of old school videos show it too. Also, see WoW Classic 1.13.2 Known Issues List - 8/27/2019

I played classic. Changing forms removes other forms. That’s how it was.