All these threads asking for this change or that change…

What part of “no changes” do you not understand? It’s not “no changes except for my ideas because my ideas are clearly better than everyone elses and everyone should like my ideas” it’s “no changes.”


For the record, they already stepped on the no changes ideal.

Why they want to make it worse is beyond me.


Predictions for this thread:
-People will agree with the #nochanges sentiment
-People will argue there are already a ton of changes so more are warranted
-Lots of talk of “slippery slopes”
-People arguing in bad faith to justify their position
-Gnomes will casually troll people who excel at taking bait

At least that’s how the other dozens of threads just like this tend to go.


Sometimes i just wanna make a Gnome rogue and stalk people at night spamming the cheer emote.

They cannot see anything but they can hear the female cheer and someone getting closer.


What is Your Activision/Blizzard Empl ID # and when were you put in charge ?

I would say they have already made a ton of changes, so Your NO CHANGES rant is childish and incorrect by default.

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And here we see the random forumgoer saying how another forumgoers opinion is invalid, whilst asserting his own opinion without realizing that his opinion is not magically any more valid, yet he thinks it is.


Hope we get some kind’ve mercenary thing. And the #nochanges thing is already dead with the early release of diremaul. Just fix the game so we don’t have 40 minute AV queues.

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If you don’t want a 40 min AV que why did you go horde? Just reroll alliance if you want short ques.

Seems to me there is an easy solution to your problem, the issue is it requires YOU to actually do something.

No, no, how could you be expected to have some agency? Nah, everyone else must solve your problems for you, right?




There part where they have, in fact, made changes to various and necessary things…


One change to one thing does not justify a different change to a different thing. Not an argument.

Activision has already thrown #nochanges out the window with…

  • Layering
  • Server Transfers
  • Server Sizes
  • Nerfed content (1.12)
  • AV
  • EZ mode MC

And a bunch more other stuff.

I get the mentality behind #nochanges. But we’ve already lost that battle so now it’s time to fix what we have… because it’s clearly broken.


You’re living in denial. There have already been significant changes to the client, server, and underlying software that has made Classic behave significantly different than Vanilla.

Well eventually there will be changes, potentially long after the Naxx patch, but yeah. It’s odd to see so many people thinking this is like retail, where we are stuck in an endless loop of fixing something that was broken from last patch.

Granted, I expect most of them are just a breed of troll left over from bored retail GD “Wall of No” posters who were otherwise jobless after the WoW classic announcement, but some people are definitely a little lost.


Were in classic.


1.12 was a classic patch

Is as it was in classic.

Another disguised 1.12 bullet point.

You basically only have one valid point, but let me ask you something. If we don’t want changes, how does “someone made a change” supposed to translate to “changing whatever tf we want is okay?”


Change it to where Gnomes are removed from the game

I’m mostly ‘no changes’ in my philosophy of what I want from WOW Classic, but the point I think most threads understand quite well is that Blizzard themselves never promised ‘no changes’. There’ve been comments that the mission they set was along that line, and (odd as it sounds) changes they’ve made trying to more closely mimic how things felt versus stick to exactly what the code said.

Don’t get me wrong. Some of those make me :roll_eyes: or :face_with_raised_eyebrow: pretty bad. But at least they’re adding something different to read beyond dozens of variants of AV threads.

Once we get to aq everything will catch up with the game. Easy mode until then.

You’re mixing up what nochanges means vs what changes there has been regardless of the hashtag and random suggestions made by players. Changes have been made, period.

Some changes are necessary: IE: WSG Queue exploit.

When they said, no changes, I didn’t know that also included gold sellers… Blizzard really did recreate that classic experience…except they forgot to include the pain we experienced in earlier updates…should of started at patch 1.02. You know, really recreate the real vanilla experience? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh look another “No changes” troll who doesn’t offer anything to the discussion.