Nochanges means addons too

/combatlog 200
Then you could enjoy a giant stream of junk.
You still can actually, at 200 yards too.
Throw it on your 2nd monitor in a live parser, and set triggers, or get fancy and set up an eggdrop bot and do live raid broadcasts on IRC
if that is still a thing?

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I just dislike addons in general tbh. Part of me feels like they are all just crutches

And what about Honor spy? Or the LFG addon? These are not addons that abuse issues with the client, but just use what was naturally there to do something new. I personally never used the LFG addon, but the issue here is letting Blizzard pick and choose what is and is not acceptable for the “spirit of the game” based on outrage, the SAME THING that all the no changes people claim is what killed the game to start with. It’s no longer a problem of a potential slippery slope anymore. It has now become a slope we are currently sliding down.

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I’m not against honor spy, we had leaderboards in the past that we should have now so honor spy isn’t needed but the complete lack of an LFG tool was a huge draw of classic, it makes sense they wouldn’t want that with their expanded addon features they have.

I don’t want no changes I want classic+ many people who signed the petition feel the same way, though i want to go along side vanilla not replace it. The alternative to classic+ is expansions and that will sever the community again and again. That would be horrible.

But this would be the opposite of classic+ where Blizzard just removes new addons that offer something more because of some arbitrary “spirit of the game.”

Oh, it’s about spy, this isn’t about the garbage default blizzard ui, carry on.

Well, a lot of the gear that’s already out is itemized to far later than launch- a lot of the blues on preBIS lists weren’t that good originally.

It’s a frankenpatch- at this point #nochanges is so far gone because so much has been changed already. Some extra pvp gear being included early is sorta small potatoes compared to xrealm BGs being included when it should be out with Naxx a year from now.

While I’d have preferred an authentic, patch by patch, same server cap, no layering experience myself- at this point there’s not much point in complaining cuz the ‘Vanilla’ ship has sailed, capsized, sunk, and then dragged out of the ocean, dusted with sparkles and renamed ‘Classic’.

Oh don’t get me started on how party healing isn’t represented in the default floating combat text. We can have the Legion combat log distance but not the Legion floating combat text? What?!

Ummm I thought I read in this patch notes that the key ring is coming tomorrow, people still dating it isn’t. Did I read that wrong?

How’d they break honorspy? It’s still working reasonably fine for me


The key button in your micro menu now opens your Keyring, an additional bag for keys only, that scales up to hold up to 12 keys.

Nevermind I found it, keyring comes tomorrow, for those of you saying they need to fix that first.

Patch hasn’t hit yet bro.

:ballot_box_with_check: Class: Rogue

Basically it does what the Vanilla Honor UI tries to do but better. Not sure why this was attacked given that you can’t track this like you could in Vanilla.

Meanwhile the addon works like any other, kinda like how all these bag addons and auction addons and mailing addons and ability addons and cooldown addons and raiding addons do.

Congrats on your vision.

sorry bud but we’re long past the point of “nochanges” what with layering, higher server pops, free realm transfers, etc.

good on blizzard for constantly breaking your cheat addons. stop bastardizing the game and enjoy how it was meant to be played for once. spy and DBM make it so even the clinically braindead can effortlessly play the game, and then you wonder why classic is so easy compared to real vanilla.

People used raid mods in vanilla, on duskwood raid guilds wouldnt look at you if you didnt have CT_Raid installed.

What weird vanilla realm did you play on where people weren’t expected to be good?

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Nochanges is a joke.

There have been so many changes to Classic vs. what the game was. Everything from casting latency, to macro overhaul, to mount-in-water-dismount-height normlization, to BC-era-mob-tagging-by-people-out-of-party-xp-nerfs, to the button that lets you land at the next flight path. “No changes” is dumb and there were always a ton of changes. Just roll with it.

add ons were not part of the design of Vanilla. Are you playing on dial up with a box monitor? if not uninstall cuz nochanges