Nochanges means addons too

I’m tired of every patch note having some addon changes that impacts addons outside of what was available in vanilla.

First it was the LFG addon because people didn’t like it. That at least was a feature that was not around in classic being added in with an addon. That one, fine, whatever. That’s your keeping new features out. But then spy. Now Honor spy? Addons replicating what someone in game can either do manually or something that was available in the past.

All throughout beta all I heard was #nochanges without any discussion of the matter in response to anything someone didn’t like in classic. We were constantly told that not liking something was part of the classic experience. Well guess what. Not liking some addons is ALSO part of that experience. We have the slimmed down LUA for a reason. Gamebreaking addons like the original healbot and old school macros are gone. Stop making concessions to a group of people that made no concessions to anyone else.

You don’t get to have your cake and eat it too. No changes MEANS no changes.


People were awfully quiet about PvP gear introduced in Naxx being available this early, too. At this point it’s basically #nochangesifitsnotinmyfavor

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They could at least give the same functionality as 2004 by having standings on the website before breaking the addon that gives us back that functionality which we should have anyway.


where do you see where they’re breaking specific addons?

people complaining about spy being broken(kind of) is rich, boo hoo I have to pay attention to my surroundings now, I don’t have a thirdparty addon that alerts me and does my job for me.


not spy, HonorSpy it shows the honor of everyone on the server in a list and it works through chat channels. Something that you used to look up on the old offical site in 2005.


was referring to their statement about how blizzard breaking spy was wrong, I do believe there should be a leaderboard of sorts on the site but anytime someone complains about breaking addons and spy being broken is just stupid, it’s an addon that paid attention so you didn’t have to in pvp.

Hate to tell you these addon capabilities are from retail there was no reason for them to maintain two baselines of addon code since they made it secure and efficient for WoW usage

Sorry yeah I didn’t read the whole thing, Spy nerf should of happend totally the only reason spy was how it was is because of the legion client massively increasing the range of the combat log and it picking up people’s buffs from miles away.

but HonorSpy is just a bandaid for something 2005 blizzard already had a solution for which is rather important considering BG are out tomorrow and people wont know how much they even have to play for brackets.


Whoa there, if you have information, you might not blindly play for a few extra hours, and blizzard needs you for user metrics, so do your part by just playing a few extra hours since your actual progression is obfuscated.

This is from the blue sticky at the top of the forums regarding the new patch tomorrow and updates:

" The lua API has been modified to prevent some addons from using communications channels in ways that are contrary to the spirit of the game."

I’m not sure which add-ons this will effect. I don’t think I use any that use these functions.

Edit: If you click on the “modified” link in the quote I posted, it goes into more detail explaining what will be broken and what will work.


i’ve been reading in other threads since i made this post about an addon called “honorspy” which i had no idea that an addon that did that existed. i imagine that will be broken tomorrow.

I could care less either way. But if they are going to keep making nit picky changes about what can and can’t be used, that’s no longer no changes classic, it’s their personal version of classic. And that bothers me greatly. Old addons that called out casts and abilities from the combat log offered you a similar advantage as spy. Now from what I understand Spy was mostly a problem because of the combat log range being too big. And that’s a small change. But it’s these little changes focused on addons that are getting me very frustrated. We were supposed to have a keyring already and so far no keyring.

So they are wasting time piddling with addons instead of fixing the client.

I have heard of that add-on, but don’t use it. If it doesn’t get broken, it sounds like some functionalities of it might get broken like they did with the LFG add-on and Spy add-on. That’s my guess, but don’t know much about those add-ons honestly since I haven’t ever used them.

Ahem… So then I should by this logic then be able to run FULL Heal bot that was TRULY a bot…

I should also be able to run FULL Decursive that was a true bot…

Hell by this standard even a kick bot would be considered 100% legit.

From what I can tell reading that, most addons won’t be affected by that change.

It’s only restricting addons from using custom/player-created channels, basically any global channels. Anything in guild/party/raid will be fine.

Yes, it will likely break honorspy due to how it communicates, but a majority of addons people are worried about (at least in the linked post), like boss mods and threat meters, will be fine.

The real problem will come when addon authors combat this change and Blizzard has to go further to break this kind of functionality; that will start to affect other addons that would otherwise be left alone.

The combat log range was dramatically increased in legion, it was never like that in vanilla and only there because of the carry over from the system overhaul they had to do. that is in no way a “personal version” of classic, it removes some of the stuff that was changed that was never there before.

Pretty sure you could increase the range to 200 yards via console command in Vanilla.

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If we weren’t on 1.12, the original version of those addons were neutered fairly early on in the life of wow, it would be neat if they let us use the OG version until the phase drops where they did break them, but none of the content requires that accurate healing.

There are several other addons that are just not possible in BFA’s client nor in this one that were 100% possible in Vanilla.

According to the OP’s logic that sort of automated play should be 100% ok.

Let us not forget scripting that was also 100X more powerful in vanilla than it is now in Modern wow / classic.