Nobody wlll invite me to tank Castle Nathria

I disagree. People are going to get the rewards they want then dip. Many are going to get them early in the season, the attendance is going to plummet.

If you don’t get in early you get left behind. Always.


What, you mean in another 3 weeks? On my god, what will do!!! The season isn’t going to end for months. And they stated that later in the season the rotation will be remove and they will all be fated. Stop freaking out over something you have months to do.

That’s what I was thinking too, but I assume there will maybe be a decent amount of people at the end of the season trying to get through Fated raids they missed before it goes away.

If it isn’t Fated 3 weeks from now, it’ll be 4. Not hard to figure out, and even easier after we see that.

Considering OP will need to kill all the bosses in all 3 raids at least once, focusing on only CN is probably a bad call.

Better to just go to whatever is Fated for the week and see how far you can get, until you’ve cleared each raid.

It cycles around, so, week 1 is CN, week 2 is SoD, week 3 is SotFO, then week 4 it’s back to CN and around, and around it goes until we get to pre-patch.

But this problem is going to continue appearing over and over again, especially for SotFO, which is the hardest of the three.

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Actually, we do.


Thanks for the correction, from what I read about it before that post I didn’t see anything about the schedule. My bad.


Actually we do, they put out the cycle. It is CN this week, SOD next, Sep the next week and then it starts over with CN. They also said later in the season the rotation would just be remove and all three would be fated all the time until the end of the season. People you have time, you don’t need to be sweating this right now.

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Some people enjoy raiding though, and changing the raids like this might interest people longer.

Who knows?

The forums could use more of this


To be fair, I wasn’t entirely sure if it was a 3 or 4 week rotation, but I know it wasn’t just going to be 3 or 4 weeks of raids before the end of the season.

I had suspected this raid season thing to last as long as the Mythic + season.

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I doubt it, not with the quests for killing a certain number of fated bosses to be able to earn the currency to purchase the three items. That and the currency you can use to upgrade an item to that raid tier. I bet people will be sticking around for bosses that has nothing for them just for those two reasons alone.

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Yeah I figured that as well, but like someone else said above, there’s also the factor of most people getting it the first week it is Fated and then dipping out.

But like I said, at the very least, I think there will maybe be an uptick of people trying to get it done the last week when all 3 raids are Fated. I’m at least crossing my fingers for people who have scheduling issues or trouble finding groups because they need more time to gear that this will be the case.

I am just going to pay for it. It is not worth the hassle unless my only real guild is doing something. Then again you could get easily scammed doing a full run.

Pretty much.

I’d rather pay for carries than deal with the utter frustration that is attempting to pug

Folks on MG want 300k for it, which honestly isn’t that bad.

I’m going to see what it is on A52 and see if guilds there are a lower price.

At the iLvL showing on your profile you’re not well geared enough to do Fated Normal.

It looks like you did not do any raiding on this character in Season 3, so if that is the case you’ve skipped an entire season and should expect to start at LFR like any new player.

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your ilvl is too low, you have to run keys and get full M+ gear before raiding.

That’s not true at all.

For Fated Normal to have a good chance of success, assuming it’s difficulty is similar to prior seasons an item level around 263 is going to find success.

Guess what item level drops in Fated LFR? 265.

No need to M+ unless you want success immediately.

cause his ilvl is 240 something. Thats not even equal to last seasons world content.

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