No weekly raid quest after maintenance

No new weekly raid boss quest on Grobbulus


Same, Whitemane.

Same on Mankrik

The quest is still obtainable on alts who had not done it last week. So it appears either the cooldown is 7 days from when you do it, or it resets at some random arbitrary time during the week that’s not aligned with raid reset.

If it’s Thursday at 3pm PST, that’s awful, as one of the possible quests is [Marrowgar Must Die!], and many players will be killing him before then, and then be unable to complete the quest for the week.

Here to report that it hasn’t reset for me as well. However as the above mentioned, not sure if it resets 7 days from Thursday, or is supposed to be a Tuesday reset.

same here /10

Please fix before we get marrowgar as the quest on Thurs

Might be on a 7 day timer and still counting down to it’s own reset, which kind of makes sense I guess.

Could be an easy fix to manually force the quest to reset during server maintenance on Tuesday so that it will naturally align going forward.

Same here. 8:13pm EST on Westfall, still no weekly or word from Microsoft on the issue

This was just a bug. No change to how the quest works.

We have a bugfix on the way, and we hope to apply it in the next hour or two.

Since you’re here replying to forums, how about a fix on Gamma: Trial of the Champion preventing arfus ? is that coming up ?

Just a heads up. Some people (myself included) got OS again. It appears as though the actual new weekly is EoE, but for some reason people are getting a bugged OS again…

Depends on server? Its Raz on Westfall.

People on my server (Mankrik) are getting both Obsidian Sanctum and Eye of Eternity. Well not both, but some people are getting one, some people are getting the other from the NPC.

And before someone says “They just have last weeks and didn’t do it” A lot of us (myself included) Got Obsidian Sanctum both last week and this week.