Gamma: Trial of the Champion preventing arfus

Missing Lana from achievement and no matter what u do nothing makes it count.

It also randomly credited my alt for lana who has never been there.


same! I put in a ticket and killed her at least three times now…they said nothing they can do


maybe if we run our alt , our main will get credit


Same here, put in a ticket and GMs are no help at all for these type of things. Why lock us out of obtaining the new pet…?

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Killed Lana Stouthammer 3 times already and got no credit for Defense Protocol Gamma: Trial of the Champion achievement. This is locking me out of obtaining the NEW pet released solely for this achievement.


put in a ticket 2 days ago, got told to make a bug report but i see theres numerous here now in the past 24 hours


same here! i want my puppy

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I havent gotten a rpely on my ticket but Imma make a scene. This is BS if it was a streamer theyd grant the achiev. They can ewasily grant it.

same its the worst


also gave it to my alt randomly…

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they can but they are too lazy, i even did all the work with a screenshot of her dead body, my details with damage DONE to her, the loot chest in view, the achievement window open and it showing the achievement still as not completed and still just directed me to the forums.

Same here, my alt has it and I haven’t even ran gamma on it. Others are reporting the same as well…

Also experiencing this issue.

One of my alts got credit for Lana (and only Lana) instead. On that alt, all of the other Defense Protocol Gamma achievements are mysteriously grayed out, even though I’ve gotten a bunch of them.

Same here.

still bugged, this has been the case for almost a week now as I should have completed it day 1

Hello. Today I (Lokast - Faerlina) was in Heroic Gamma ToC (WotLK Classic), ZoneId: 4764. The first set of bosses had the last boss I needed for the Achievement, “Defense Protocol Gamma: Trial of the Crusader”, Lana Stouthammer. We in fact killed her and the other 2, and finished the dungeon without a hitch. But for some reason I did not get credit for the kill on the Achievement.

I just did the dungeon again and still no credit. No addons. Damaged the boss. I’m not sure what else to do at this point. GM has replied twice saying “haven’t been receiving reports on this so it’s probably working as intended” ??? It’s clearly not!

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Just bumping this to the top.

I’m also receiving this on my character, it’s the last person I need to complete the meta achievement. Killed her 3 times now in hopes that it will mark it as complete.

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A GM told me the opposite, they said its NOT working as intended and I should bug report… but nothing done about it yet…

my gm told me they knew about it but to still post on the bug report forums but that was nearly 4 days ago now… time to speed it up abit blizzard