No warfront in 8.2

(Totalycereal) #1

When I saw in a Q&A that there would be no new warfront in 8.2 I was very disappointed. They were one of the few things I actually enjoyed in this xpack. I was excited when the leaks of the different possible warfronts leaked (barrens, SMC) and now I’m super disappointed that they are most likely getting cut. The warfronts really brought the feel of the faction war to PvE. No warfront means my excitement for future patches has dropped by a good margin.

Why WoW Will Get Better in 8.2 (and onwards)
(Stompypotato) #2

Well supposedly we will be flying soon, so that is something to look forward to.

Plus the worgen models are being replaced, so there is something else.

Troll paladins and their fancy mount are coming. Fat humans too if you are into that sort of thing.

Um. Can’t think of anything else up and coming.


I would rather they introduce difficulty tiers to the existing warfronts(like the island exp ones but maybe you know give the levels some sort of benefit) so they are more than just going through the motions.

Not that a new one wouldn’t be nice but–they are just kind of blargh.

(Grathok) #4

I think they are adding a Heroic mode to the Warfronts we already have, if that helps?


Couldn’t hurt. I was entertaining myself by seeing how much I could pull before dying on my paladin in my last Darkshore.

(Sorelai) #6

They are adding a new mode where you can queue as group and the warfront is a lot more difficult. I am sure many will enjoy it once then complain about it the rest of the expansion.


They probably saw how few people actually played Warfronts and de-prioritized them as a failure .

(Illumona) #8

I will probably be in that boat.

(Pänic) #9

I’d rather have them create PvP options for warfronts. Not sure I’d be able to stop playing the game if they executed it properly.

Aside from that, warfronts at their current state give a little lore flavor but the replay value is minimal and only exists for xmog and the cyclic quest. I guess there are people that enjoy it as it is so I can’t completely discount that either.

(Yasudra) #10

How do you know how many people play? At any time of the day when I queue, there’s a 1 minute queue. Far quicker than any LFD or LFR (including WBs, excluding expeditions).

(Sorelai) #11

Always have a 10 second queue for them so obviously people are playing them. Even Stromgard in the last cycle was a 10 second queue and it doesn’t even give decent ilevel.

(Fyre) #12

Wait. Heroic warfronts? Is that actually a thing? Would they give you the elite gear mogs (like from the quest) instead of the base ones?


Thats because they are drawing players from more servers then LFR

(Lillyann) #14

Well that and the roles aren’t checked either.


And quite a few are just AFK in the Warfronts .

(Yasudra) #16

Ok, but how do you know how many people are doing WFs?

And don’t get me wrong. I’m not a huge fan of WFs. I only do it once for the loot and to gear fresh 120s. It’s really boring.

(Lillyann) #17

Whenever I do the one time quest (because I won’t queue otherwise) there’s usually 2-5 people afk.

I’m always the only healer there as well. Imagine the queue times if they needed a tank lol


if they were such a great success they would be rolling out new ones. They scrapped the Barrens Warfront then said it was only a “test”. No new ones planned for 8.2

When Warfronts started they were instant ques. Now it can take a few minutes for one to pop. Look around the Warfront table, Hardly anyone is around any them any more . Even when a new one with the 400ilvl quest is up . Interest in them has gone way way down


When arguing that queue times are short and therefore lots of people must be doing them, just realize that there are 0 role requirements for Warfronts. Dungeon/Raid queues are long because you’re waiting on tanks and healers, not because there’s fewer people queuing for them.

It’s also much easier to afk to free loot in Warfronts than other content due to the fact that there’s a plausible reason for you to be just about anywhere, so seeing your dot hanging out wherever doesn’t stand out much. This means you get a fair chunk of lazy people doing early gearing on their alts via Warfronts when they’re available – while they watch Netflix.

Anyway, more on topic, Warfronts should attempt to make some sense. The current Warfronts mean the Night Elves and Forsaken are doing their own war and the Humans and Orcs are doing their own war while the greater Horde and Alliance is doing stuff on Zandalar. Something like Undercity wouldn’t make sense right now as the primary interest would be from Forsaken, who are occupied with Darkshore.

Heroic Warfronts should make what we DO have feel 100% more relevant as a form of content though, which is really what we need more than another playground.

(Nicodemùs) #20

I personally found the Arathi Warfront more enjoyable than the Darkshore one. But that’s just me.