No, Void Elves should not have Blood Elf hair tones/options

It’s like I just said they should have done that too or something.


The Sunwell is part arcane and blood elf racials are all arcane based. Blue eyes are 100% possible and I mean they got them already so…


They’re colors.

They are hair colors.

Tones are what happens when you add white/black to a color.

Also there’s no reason void elves shouldn’t have options to look exactly like blood elves because they are blood elves. If blood elves are high elves, then void elves are blood elves.


Why are elves such drama queens?

“By the Sunwell, did you see the color of her hair? She can’t have that color, that’s OUR color!”


Blood Elves can have blue eyes naturally. They are, as confirmed by Blizzard, physiologically the same as High Elves. They simply adopted that name to honour the majority of their race that died when Arthas steamrolled Quel’Thalas.

The colour of the eye seems to largely just be dependent on what kind of magic they’re feeding from. A blood elf feeding off arcane magic would get blue eyes, just as a high elf feeding off fel would get green eyes.

Additionally while I think it’s dumb that they went Horde, the lore actually stated that they left the Alliance officially after the second war. Even the ones that helped Arthas in the fall of Lordaeron were just people in the area who wanted to help, not an official detachment from Silvermoon.

and the Alliance didn’t actually consider Garithos to be anything more than the most powerful local warlord after Lordaeron fell to pieces.

So saying that the Horde couldn’t steal what wasn’t ours is actually accurate in this case.


I just want the white hair and then perma embrace skintone. Y’all ain’t gonna stop me from requesting that VF Alleria look. It’s dope.


She shoots…SWISH…she scores!


I guess she was hoping it would count retroactively.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% Horde at heart and while I think that this was a detrimental change to blood elves, I also think that this does not help the void elves either.

I’m repeating myself, but what they badly needed is to be seen as its own people. Their lore was poorly handled (and this is an understatement) their introduction was a disaster and I think this was a shame because on paper, their concept it’s really interesting, the least that could have been done was to make them at the very least look unique. With this, they only made things worse for everyone.


Void Elves don’t have an identity. They were only created to step on the hopes and dreams of high elf fans.


Should have just made them Ethereal elves.

So you are saying that horde getting one eye colour is equal to the alliance getting around 20 skin tone, plus few hair colour if blizzard crumble to the whining is fair?

It sure does for alliance player.


A group of NPCs that is pretty much Belfs with different political beliefs.
You want them as part of the Velves?, they may need to undergo changing.

Hell, so because Nightborne are Horde and they come from Highborne we are entitled to golden eyes and some Nelf skin colors?.

That’s how bad you guys sound. You really are never happy with anything.
Your allied race was literally the only one to get anything, at least be thankful about that.


give them black hair, maybe white, but keep blonde and red as far away from them as possible.


I know it’s off topic… but I’m getting flashbacks to the time during WoD when Alliance had a 70+% (big plus) winrate in BGs and they called that “finally balanced”.


That’s according to you. Blizzard could add flying cows as a Race to their game and that’s their decision and storytelling.

You’re not ones to decide what goes and what doesn’t.


Yeah I am not happy about this situation :confused:


I would say that they should give Void Elves a better identity since the concept is a nice foil to the Light worship that so many of the other Alliance races do.

but blizzard doesn’t do a lot for racial lore anymore. It’s primarily individual characters.

Either that or your city gets burned down.


I disagree.

As it stands Blood elves are and will always be directly and objectively better than velves.

-Blood elves have paladins and DH, two immensely popular classes.

-Belves have more customization.

-Belves have their own city and they are base race, meaning you don’t have to unlock them.

Velves have the same model yet they have less classes, less customization and need to be unlocked plus they don’t come with a city or anything just one mount.

Since they have the exact same model, they are a direct detriment to the Alliance compared to the horde’s directly comparable and superior race.

So velves should at least have some normal skin colours to fulfill the helf-side fantasy as well because at least that would balance them somewhat.

“but nightborne have less stuff than nelves”

Yes, but nightborne’s model is changed enough and they represent an entirely different fantasy with different ideas and have a unique class available to them that nelf don’t have. Unlike the barely changed Velf.


Imagine all the good stories that could come from a Void influenced faction joining a heavily Light influenced side.

So much wasted potential…


Tauren druids.