No, Void Elves should not have Blood Elf hair tones/options

This is coming from a blueberry main, I was actually skeptical about VE’s obtaining natural skin tones and high elf eyes. But I use them, I enjoy them. The drawback is that it does take away from Void/Blood elf identity.

Here’s the thing: Factions exist. If Alliance and Horde weren’t a thing I probably wouldn’t argue this point as much, but they are and are core to the game and are never going away. Blood elves deserve to be their own race, as do Void elves. I understand it the idea of having natural hair styles or color tones may sound appealing to us blueberries, (I’d love a nice ginger elf!) but hair is the one thing that differentiates VEs from BEs.

Otherwise why not just have Nightborne steal all of the Night Elf customizations? Why not pointlessly give them vines and physical night elven traits? Because they are DIFFERENT RACES with DIFFERENT HISTORIES. And before you try to tell me that Void elves used to be Blood elves, yes, they did. But they were physically transformed by the void. They are no longer exactly the same, nor should they be.

I’m an Alliance main, but if you want the Blood elf hair tones play a Blood elf. They deserve to feel like their own race on their own faction. Be thankful Blizzard caved and gave us VEs some natural skin tones.


Its already bad enough that they gave one of the nightborne skins to Night Elves instead of to the NB their selves who only have 3 skins.

I’m really not out to steal the BE identity either. I’d rather have void elf identity get more work.


The answer it’s simple:

Horde taking something from the Alliance: :-1:

Alliance taking something from the Horde: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Doesn’t that sound fair to you? It sure does for the denizens of this god forsaken corner of the internet.


Some Undead Elven Death Knights recently been recruited in the Alliance, thanks to this Diplomat. :wink:


I don’t really understand the point of attacking factions like that. I see just as many Hordies on here complaining as Alliance so I don’t think that’s really the point.

Yeah, I’d enjoy some more void options for us! Or at least implement the ear length options like they did with the other core elven races. ^-^


I would give them void tattoos, kinda like the fel tattoos DH have

And obviously more hair options and colors.


You Void Elves could have been Naga or Tuskarr. RUDE!

(Just kidding, I don’t really care what races exist as long as there are gnomes)


Well…too bad?


If that’s what you think I’m doing, the point went way over your head.

You said something in your OP that makes perfect sense and it would make things balanced:

The forums are a world of its own, and I can assure you, that the sort of logic they’d use if this were to happen, is that it would be a proof of “Horde bias” despite of what happened with Void Elves.

I’m willing to bet that, giving it some time, you’ll even get examples of that exact thing right in this thread.


I’m fairly ambivalent toward most of the BE hair colors but it would be nice for Velves to get a true black and a true white.

It’s worth mentioning that the allied races will supposedly be getting updates at some point on the same scale as the core races just got. It’s been said to be on the agenda.

Personally I think they probably should have waited to give the VE the BE skins until they got their actual customization pass so it could be seen as one complete project (assuming they got better void options alongside them) but I guess they wanted to just appease some of the high elf stans.


I love my void elves for being VOID elves. It makes me sad that some people want them to be something they are not :cry:


Well I can’t give you the numbers as it’s not an easy thing to document, but my impression of this forum is that there is a large number of people who believe there is a ‘horde bias’ by the devs and alliance players are continually treated badly.


I still have my tentacles :wink:


You literally stole Blue Eyed Elves from the Alliance.

Void Elf skin tones were a half-baked attempt to quell the uprising they knew would happen.

“Give Blood Elves exactly what they want, Give Alliance half of what they want and expect people to be fine with it.”


Or they could have used the chance to truly cement their visual identity as people affected by the void and make them more distinct and their own thing, instead of washing them down and turning them into a copy/paste.




To steal something, that something had to belong to you first.

WC3 says they didn’t.


The Silver Covenant and literally all of the lore of warcraft says it did.


You can’t argue, not one of you here, that blood elves can have blue eyes naturally. It goes again all the lore. So she’s actually right.


Ah yes, the Silver Covenant that wasn’t introduced until well into 2009, is the proof Horde stole something that was introduced to its side in 2006.