No New Allied Races in Dragonflight CONFIRMED!

I’m saying I don’t like them and wouldn’t personally make one, but let them be for others that do.

Were waiting for me to give an example like a Gnome Demon Hunter or a Goblin Druid?

And besides we have Shadow Priest Lightforged Draenei and Holy Priest Void Elves so may as well make them all 3 specs

Less is more. Rather have a little that works than a lot that doesn’t, like Shadowlands and BFA did.

Also, new race, new class, new zones, new dungeons, new raid(s), new quests.

I’m good with this.


I don’t care what you use for an example. It’s just getting annoying that everyone is using tauren Rogues and Mages and Orc Priests and Mages as some sort of “gotcha!” When they’re not lore breaking at all.

They have existed in game for a very long time.


Orc Priests are pretty dumb. Maybe Twilight’s Hammer Orc Priests existed but that’s a big stretch to say light-worshiping Orcs existed in large enough numbers to justify being player characters.

I am sure the UI team/Blizzard’s PR department could create an allied race for you.

I think they only exist under the pretense of Shadow spec.

Priests have two orders so they’re not dumb.

Which I hate. I hate that Shadow Priests existing means that any race that gets Shadow Priests gets their polar opposite.

Thankfully I play with my own pocket priest so I rarely see this stuff, but from an immersion point of view seeing some Orc kneeling before the light with his little pope hat is so weird and not Warcraft-like to me.

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I think Blizzard has ruined the lore for Priest and they should be split into two classes: Shadow Priests and Clerics. To me there’s nothing dumber than a Shadow spec’d LFD or a Holy spec’d velf.


Yeah, I don’t personally enjoy the Light/Shadow dichotomy as established in WoW with the Naaru cycles and the like. It might be boring, but I enjoy a basic Light vs. Shadow setup. No need for this “two sides of the same coin” nonsense. Especially when it seems it was conceived of to “canonize” the mechanics of Priests representing both.

I also don’t care if you find it annoying. I use Tauren Rogues because they don’t make sense even if they’re on the lore, but I guess making sense isn’t much of a restriction for a fantasy game. I used Orc Mages and Orc Priests simply as a personal preference for the examples.

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Go ahead but now you know you’re wrong. They exist in lore so they a poor example. You do you.

Why don’t they make sense?

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I don’t feel like 3-meter tall hooved cows can be very stealthy.

Hooves would actually make them stealthy, though.

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I’m ok with that
Because it was absolutley disgusting how they implemented the last allied races. Nobody ahould have had to jump through those mandatory hoops just to pad some stupid number

Clip-clop sounds on the ground would?

Horseshoes clip-clop. Hooves do not. Have you been around horses and cows before?


Of course if they’re stepping on dirt, but anywhere inside a city would make sound.