No New Allied Races in Dragonflight CONFIRMED!

I never cared for AR’s 'cause they were just a skin of sorts, never brought anything unique combat wise or the likes. Nothing that grabbed my interest.

But I gotta say, DF ain’t looking great. It’s looking very slimmed down and streamlined.

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I don’t think those are mutually exclusive. Something can be great while being (and perhaps because it is) slimmed down and streamlined.

Why Tuskarr? Which other class apart from Warrior and Hunter would make sense for them?

Lol, so many people want them as AR, I don’t get it XD

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Sad because I want more races.


I hate this statement solely because Dracthyr is locked behind a single class.

If they aren’t planning to open up more allied races, they should at least offer a crapton of customization options for all other races.


Only initially. I dislike them because they can’t wear armor in their real form.

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While I agree, it’s the contents shown that aren’t great, my addition of slimmed down and streamlined was just addition.

I seriously have no idea how it would be possible to detach the class from the race. There’s so much of what would be racial stuff locked behind the class that’s even reflected on the talent trees like [Wing Buffet], [Tail Swipe] and even [Hover] which is their main mobility ability.

Sounds like how they should’ve handled pandas/monks.

Disappointed. Because I have no interest in that thing they’re giving us with one class, that uses an old rig and is just a human/Belf ripoff.

No new customizations for races that need them, no archaeology, no new races to play existing classes and horrible looking tier and weapons so far. Tell me again what I’m supposed to look forward to with this expansion?


I don’t know about that. Limiting customization options as core as race/class to a single one is rarely, if ever, a good decision in an MMORPG game.

I’m on the train of making Dracthyr being able to be more classes, but after they released the Evoker talent trees, I simply cannot see that happening anymore unless a very heavy rework is planned, which I very much doubt since it didn’t even release yet.

Giving more attention to Evoker/Dracthyr is fine at the beginning because of course they want people to play with the shiny new toy, but leaving everything else in the dust is just wrong. The sheer amount of customization available for Dracthyr eclipses several other races combined.

Not only do other races need a lot more customization options (seriously, they are never enough), other classes also need a lot of spell effects and animation updates, not to mention customization like Warlock Green Fire questlines and several times more glyphs.

That’s not to say I’m a doomer or whatever, because I’m in fact very excited about the new expansion, but I don’t see everything they are doing as the right choice.

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Rogue, Shaman, Priest, Death Knight, (possibly) Druid. Plenty of classes that could work with them.


The moment they announced Tauren Rogues was the moment all of this stopped making sense.


:roll_eyes: Ugh, tauren Rogues have been in the game since Classic. I wish people would stop using them as a lore-breaking example.


I realize that I have a giant bias here. I’m a huge fan of dragons, both in fiction and “real” mythologies. The more draconic it is, the more I’m going to like it. But… if I didn’t like dragons at all? I do admit that Dragonflight would be a tough sell as is.

I can tell lapsed players that they are modernizing and future-proofing the game.
I can tell new players that there are no longer intimidating layered systems.
But I can’t really point at a singular change or addition as a box-seller. (Outside of dragons.)


I don’t know if that’s true, but even if it is, do they make sense though? No.

So why would people be so hung up on other races being X or Y class? I don’t like the idea of an Orc Mage or Priest, but it is what it is.

The funny part is, hooves are more silent than most foot designs. In fact, they’re designed to be durable and step stealthily. They’re certainly more silent that boots.

It’s the horseshoes that clip-clop.


Grimtotem NPCs in Stonetalon Mountains and Thousand Needles.

The Grimtotem has been a part of the Horde for 18 years. First with Magatha then after Cata it was Jevan and his followers.

Have also been in the game since Classic. They were trash mobs in LBRS.

Find new race/class combos to use as examples.


Meh, They kinda already did this with Shadowlands.
They couldve done High elf for Alliance and Dark elf for Horde but they just gave the appearences to the existing races…

Tauren Outlaws (Pirates) have been around in Booty Bay and various dungeons since classic.

Tauren assassins have existed in the Grimtotem.

I don’t think letting the players be rogues is lore breaking at all.