No New Allied Races in Dragonflight CONFIRMED!

Personally? Drakonids would be appropriate. I also think that Dragonmaw Orcs and Wildhammer Dwarves would be fantastic and logical for an expansion focused on dragons and flying.


I have no problem with those three there.
We were almost shown a light forged demon hunter as part of the plot, and we’ve got a lightforged demon. Using the light to hunt demons makes a lot of sense.

Void elf paladins…definitely. Wielding the void. Although I’d go through and have a ton of paladin options Elune, Arcane, fire, void, etc…let people pick which they want to be. If there happens to be void elves that pick the light, fine. If they’re doing it to play as a high elf, fine by me.

mechagnome druids…I’ve thought the robot animal transformer angle is great. Could easily work in a story to support it.

I saw a video on youtube that was speculating on undead druids saying they didn’t know how they could be a thing…easy. You focus on Decay, which is definitely an aspect of Life. It’s something the undead need to understand to hold at bay, so they could then using that understanding to wield it and assist nature via it.

Anything can be explained.

The Horde has but not the Alliance. Best solution would be to give them unique races and we only getting recolor-races, this would even out the imbalance.

what doesd the horde have

Race diversity.

orcs, trolls, tauren, high elves, goblins, undead

How is your brain not instantly imploding with the amount of cognitive dissonance this position must be imposing on you. You are arguing that Evoker is ‘good enough’ for the Dracthyr. You are arguing that current class options are ‘good enough’ for the races currently. Then you spin around and spit this out?!

If your stance is ‘variety is good’, then removing race-class restrictions should be your very first goal because there’s no way to guarantee more variety than letting players build their ideal heroes.

  1. The Dracthyr racial fantasy is fulfilled entirely by the Evoker class.
  2. Ad hominem does you no favours.
  3. It’s generally considered to be bad form to bring other discussions - one that we politely ended, mind you - into other threads.

Would be nice if I could be a dragon that tanked. Or a dragon that wore armor. Or a dragon that insert task here.

You are not the almighty judge of what is enough and not enough. The question can literally be poised to you, as I have so often.

People want to play Dracthyr Warriors. Dracthyr Priests. Dracthyr Mages. You gatekeep this behind ‘nope Evokers are good enough no further questions please’, and then spin around and go ‘well why DON’T we have more racial options for things?’

You want to know how you get more racial options for classes and fantasies? Opening them up and dropping their restrictions.

You’re not wrong here, I’ll take this L, but it bewilders me to the point of necessitating this outburst that you hold this position on expanding racial variety in class representation and then hold fast to ‘but not Dracthyr’.

I’m the one having an outburst? Again, I’m not going to relitigate this with you. We have a difference of opinion. That’s okay. I’m not going to apologize for that, though, if you can’t let that go.

At this point they just need to allow all the races to be any class. If some Orc decides he’s not about their tradition and decides he wants to be a Paladin, by all means! Be a paladin. Ya are way to focus on keeping all the races enslaved to lore, instead of focusing on progression. The issue here is the lack of options from classes, races & customization to truly give us our individuality

WoW needs more diversity, not only in-game as well XD What we all need is a neutral city where all the races can mingle. If you don’t agree, you don’t have to visit. This is why FF is considered better. WoW is stuck in it’s old ways

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What does this have to do with Allied Races, or a perceived lack thereof?

Allied races were just a bunch of things the marketing team and gameplay team yoinked from the art team when they realized they didn’t have an expansion hook for BfA, that’s it. The majority of them were cobbled together using assets that were created for the customization overhaul, with the exception of maybe three at most.

I’d much rather they add more stuff for existing races, but so far it seems they’re just giving dracthyr more customization than three races combined instead.

but they need to
add 1-2 more

Heck atleast in FF14 You get to be a Cat Person and not really restricted on Faction Rules as well as being a Little Elf Person, Giant Rhino Cat, and etc.

Meanwhile if you want to be a High Elf with unique customization Options or if you want to be a evil human wizard. Sorry Humans are waiting for ya on the Alliance and same thing can be said about Blood Elves on Horde too.

Right now World of Warcraft Lacks Unique Races to be playable, lacking of unique hairstyles and etc. The ones that we do get are ether brand or very brand within the modern setting that it doesn’t feel like a fantasy anymore. That’s why I’m hoping for blizzard to continue with the Allied Race System in a Different way.

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The issue really just falls on Blizzard, the community been asking for more Unique Races forever but it seems they deaf ears.

Customisations was all the talk in Shadowlands personally one of the reasons that got me excited I thought this is truely something that’s great and the potential is limitless, it can be expanded insanely to truely make the character feel unique to the player, bringing a great RPG experience, but that sort of fell short…

I think Dracythr customisations maybe be the future we get for further customisations on other races but who knows when that happens. Time will tell I guess, especially about getting future unique playable races… Time will tell.

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I would honestly rather them expand race/class combos…

Druids for all, demon hunters for all, shamans for all.


Imagine we get Drakonid allied neutral race that can be most classes.

so you want more netural ones

That would be a no