No New Allied Races in Dragonflight CONFIRMED!

The game already has to much in it.


Elaborate. You want them to just cease development and begin maintenance mode?

I meant races and classes. A new class is fine like one or two per expac. They should just focus on customization of the races we do have and update them even more.

What problem would adding more diverse options present?

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Get over it. Yall are pathetic.

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The only problem with this mentality though is that world building isn’t done through the other players you bump into in the world (outside of strict RP). Perhaps this was the case back during vanilla when 90% of people realistically had poor equipment and gear with the exception of people who were adventuring to dangerous places for either high-end raiding or PVP, but this isn’t the case anymore in the modern era. Pretty much as soon as one could start soloing high-end vanilla WoW content (and especially after transmog), expecting other players and their appearances to reflect how the game’s world is would be folly. In Wotlk, you could start soloing Vanilla content and get great looking gear that made you look like some legendary warrior. When transmog came along, you could be the most casual of casual players (doing basically no raids or PVP) and look like you were Azeroth’s greatest champion. But, of course, when everyone in Stormwind and Orgrimmar start doing this, it suspends your disbelief. The same occurs when you see anything in the gameplay that doesn’t match the lore of WoW (for instance, being in a raid where over half your members are Belves).

As I mentioned earlier, I think people generally speaking tend to regulate themselves well on these things. If we’re operating on lore, orcs probably shouldn’t be mages (it’s established that ogres were very secretive with their magics and the only two orc mages we meet both had to learn from the forsaken as presumably special cases), but it’s not necessary to prevent people from making them because very few have in the 12 years since Cata came out. I think people tend to get inspired to do race/class combos depending on what is shown and represented frequently in the lore. Since orc mages aren’t represented a lot, this has led to very few players taking up this combination. Under your mentality, the player base is too ignorant to understand that certain race/class combos don’t make sense and therefore need to be roadblocked from making certain combos (the decision is taken from them). But I personally have faith in the players when it comes to this stuff (with the exception of the large influx of Tauren rogues we’ll be seeing in DF, which is mostly just because of the meme) and I don’t think many people will play the sorts of race/class combos you’re dreading seeing because, like you, they tend to have a sense of what makes sense. All you’re doing by restricting certain combinations is stifling the creativity of a few people who had really good niche ideas and wanted to fulfill them.

So, going to one of your previous examples–who cares if an Ironforge dwarf is wearing the Dark Iron heritage set? Perhaps their head-canon is that they’re half Dark Iron or they’re an Ironforge who sympathizes with the Dark Irons or perhaps they just think the set is cool. It’s not like my perception of the game, its world, and its lore is dependent on (either entirely or even partially) their character. That ended a long time ago when you had people using transmog to look like Superman. Next thing you’ll tell me that we need to limit Belves to one per server to maintain the canon racial composition of the Horde within the playerbase.

A “half-measure” according to you. It’s also a half-measure that they took in Shadowlands, so I don’t understand the respect. Regardless, if you truly think that every possible identity needs an entire AR made for it, I’d argue that your standards are a bit too high (a double measure, if you will). Whether you like to admit it or not, a lot of identities in WoW essentially boil down to different flavors of core races and don’t need to be given an entire race in order to be represented. Before their AR variants, the Mag’har and Dark Irons were always just regular Orcs and Dwarves with some NPC only skin options available. Because Blizz decided to make them into AR’s and go in a completely different art direction with them, I’ll never be able to make a faithful recreation of the Nagrand orcs nor the Blackrock Depths dwarves. It’s unfortunate, but I guess the damage has already been done. I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope none of my other favorite alt identites end up getting the AR treatment. The Wildhammers were lucky, if you ask me (although they could stand to get a few more hairstyles).

I think you drastically underestimate the influence of the “rule of cool” in WoW’s audience.

Ok, but without a concrete example, you’re just fearmongering about a hypothetical scenario. But as I already stated, your premise that worldbuilding is dependent on the player base is already incorrect to begin with, so even if you could provide an example of what you’re describing, there’s still no reason to take away options from players.

“Fearmongering” is a pretty strong term. I think that we simply have different standards for maintaining the integrity of world building in MMOs. And that’s okay. I don’t think there’s any malice or a lack of consideration in what you’re saying. It’s simply a different point of view. And more to your specific point, I don’t want to take anything away. I’m simply more cautious than you when considering what is given in the first place.

We do both agree that more options for customization is a good thing. That’s the important bit. How those options are implemented? Neither method would necessarily be the “wrong” one.

We have enough diverse options for races. It takes a lot of development time to do allied races.

Never I loved those paintings. Actually we need more of them.

If we have enough, why are people asking for more? If the current amount is “enough,” yet more variety exists in the setting and this was true even when we just had Orcs and Humans, why did we ever need more than two?

IMO allied races were not an entirely successful experiment
With the exception of a few ppl stuck with or went back to their core races.
The dev and art teams put a lot into them but in the end was it worth the time?

I unlocked all of them but the only one I actually continue to play is the VE.
I liked how they look but in the end it’s for the most part just a copy pasta of the core with some more cosmetic choices.

I honestly don’t see them putting alot of time I to an allied race again but rather a new stand alone race like we are getting in DF.

Sadge. Only reason I ever played both factions, was to gain access to the other’s Allied Races. Oh well.

I do wonder what things would look like if they supplied you with a free race change for every Allied Race unlocked…

The thing is the allied race had new customizations they had less over all than core races. Which always bugged me

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More classes are interesting. There are no more interesting races left to play.

so there is one neutral race, and are the horde getting any too?

There’s definitely room to share more options.

what races would you want