<No Mercy Mafia> Tax Collection in Progress! {PvP/WPvP} [Recruitment]

Mhorti walks to the Stormwind message board and firmly tacks a document into place;

Dear citizens of the Alliance,

This is a statement to let you know that our organization has decided to continue to allow you to remain tax free while still under our protection for the near future. However, this means that the Mafia will be at the this time also raising the tax on the Horde by three hundred percent on any resources they wish to continue to gather around Azeroth. There will be no mercy on any Horde that wish to try and collect Azeroth’s resources tax free and will result in harsh penalty up to and including death in extreme cases.

So with that said, our organization at this time would also like to announce we are looking for new “muscle” to help keep our tax collection as smooth and lucrative as possible to benefit all of the Azeroth! The Horde need to realize this is for their own protection. We are offering them a service if they so wish to comply and contribute to the betterment of Azeroth. So if you are interested in joining our organization as we work to make a better Azeroth for all please contact us directly.


++Please note that if you join us now you will also receive the benefit of not having to pay taxes for our services for the next 10 years guaranteed! No matter how long you stay or contribute in our efforts!++

Mhorti walks in the direction of the nearest Stormwind bar with a massive grin on his face.

OCC Hello friends!

This is a little more updated recruitment thread than what was posted before. No Mercy Mafia has a history spanning over a decade. Below is a brief outline of what we are going to be in Classic!

Player vs. Player

No Mercy Mafia is and always will be a WPvP guild first, as well as a guild that loves to run BGs as guild as well. This is what the guild was founded on, and what it was built on as it continued to grow from BC to Cata. But we also always loved doing BGs as a group as well, and had many dominant and fun BG experiences as a guild. With the way Classic is set up WPvP and BGs are the only source of PvP so this suits us perfectly. We do plan on running honor farm groups for both WPvP and BGs.

We decided with the way Classic gearing works we think that raiding should be a part of the guild structure in Classic. We already have a regular raid going and we do have very good and experienced raid leadership in place that runs two nights a week.

Role Playing

A role playing guild has never been something that No Mercy Mafia claims to be, however, as you can see from my post it is something that many of us do enjoy. With the way No Mercy Mafia is structured in Classic with the three guilds mentioned above as well as people from other guilds from Emerald Dream we always encourage RP, and we will participate in some of the RP events set up by the RP community in Classic, especially when it involves WPvP. We have always and will always support the RP community, and have build many friendships with RP guilds from Emerald Dream in the past.

If you have any questions you can contact anyone from No Mercy Mafia in game, and they can direct you to an Officer, or you can contact Jaxel Jax#12247 and myself Mhorti#1572 at our btag directly as well. Also Diliam, Slyx, Lupinus, and Achelos are good contacts.

So far Classic has been fantastic, especially from a community standpoint. Thanks!

<3 Mhorti


We still have room for you on the dark side of the light😀


I was once a druid.

I was once a Druid too.

We are still looking for a few good soldiers to fill in the roster! We are gearing up in preparation for phase 2 and later PvP phase 3! Come join today!

Join this weekend and witness blood spill.

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If you want to see Horde die, Jaxel is the best person to befriend!


Go get em guys!

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Thanks friend!

Yup. They died.

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We are looking for people that want to kill Horde! We even going on hunting runs! Come friends!

The Redistribution is not monitoring this thread and is definitely not marking everyone in it for gulag.

Please continue.


Mhorti looks the Orc up and down

I think this green skin is trying to play some kind of mind game with me…

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BUMP! to the top with ya!

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Mhorti skips through the streets of Stormwind and suddenly comes to a dead stop;

“The whole grand city is run by a boy? These humans I may never understand them,” he thinks to himself.

Hit these folks up for some great WPvP! Federation!


Thanks friend! Can’t wait for the PvP phases to hit! Should be a war zone every where we go!

I find myself twitching for phase 2.

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I needs to come soon, half my gear is in that system


As Sacarius passes the message board in Stormwind he sees the new posted message and stops momentarily to read it.

“Interesting…very interesting”.

Sacarius then notices the gnome skipping away from the message board who seemed to be muttering some kind of nonsense to himself. Quickly he sprints after said gnome and grabs him by his collar lifting him up in the air and turning him so that the gnome is face to face with him. Sacarius holds up the message that he had grabbed from the board and shows it to the gnome with two short words to follow.

“I’m in…”

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