No masterloot please

and your blocked and you prove everything i said is right.


LOL. Too funny. Now you aren’t really trying.

I take back 1 and give you 1/10 for your effort.


I like it here.



Tell us you’re mad without telling us you’re mad.

Looking forward to the return of ML :+1:


What do +20s have to do with Master Loot? This is less effort than most Sunday trolls.


He started out strong and devolved down the road all trolls take when they really have nothing to say. Let’s see if he can recover.


You are wrong and obviously unloved, but also:

ML as it was previously cannot and should not return. That said, I see some benefit to ML being available to guilds who choose to use it, who meet certain restrictions such as 100% guild group with as least friendly guild rep.

But, I think think it would be easier to just relax the current loot rules for all guild groups, like get rid of the “is an upgrade” rule.

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you forgot the part that he doest raid and doesn’t participate in any content that would effect ML. so ya… im right. SMD


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Master loot, when run by an unbiased competent group of officers is the best loot system possible. If the officers in one guild aren’t competent, or unbiased and greedy, then just leave the guild. And don’t join pug guild groups that run master loot if you’re only there for the loot.

No one is forcing you to run master looter. If you don’t like it just don’t run with groups that do plain and simple. You not liking it isn’t a reason to prevent everyone from using it. Other people using it doesn’t hurt you any.


Where is he? The guy that’s holding a gun to your head forcing you to join a guild that uses master loot. We need to stop that guy…

Except… he doesn’t exist. Don’t like ML? Don’t join a guild that uses it.


Hey man, we all got voices and im letting mine be heard. the forums are filled with you forum junkees and classic andy’s like you. The forums also need to hear from people who actually do mythic content who are not classic andy’s but are also not top 500 guilds.

Say what you want, but we all 10000% know that in most guilds there will back dealings and things between the officers. it doesn’t matter how altruistic u think ur guild is… its not. you can pretend that every raider of yours altruistic and not bias… but u know darn well thats a pipe dream and in reality people are greedy and everyone wants the good loot. Oh you want that trinket and its good for 10 raiders… then you have to decide who gets it. does the guy who has the highest il get it? the lowest il? wait what about that guy that offered you 1million gold from another guildmate. if you think these things will not happen at a very large scale then you are severely naive.


I don’t raid outside of LFR and I don’t do dungeons outside of normal (and I haven’t even done those this expansion). So ML will not affect me but I totally see the hesitancy people have with ML. Oh ya, I’m also not in any guilds.

Even when ML was a thing I did not partake but I remember all the posts of some PUG or some guild cheating people out of loot. It was nonstop. So many posts on someone joining raid group and leader says it is on farm and most/all gear should be for the PUG. Turns out not to be true. Or a PUG group that just keeps gear for him and his friends. Or a leader ninjaing that rare mount drop. Guild groups will almost always favor their guild over and random that joins. That’s just the way it is and it isn’t fair for those randoms.

Which is why my initial reaction is…why bring back ML? It will clearly cause issues. Also, coming from me being a dirty casual…If I want to raid or do mythic I just want to do my part and hope RNG gods give me some loot. No way I want some schmuck to determine if I get loot or not.

Having said all that…someone else mentioned only let ML be used if run is 100% a guild run. I can get behind this idea. If you need 1 pug then it reverts back to personal loot. Using LFG tool…personal loot. If your guild leader abuses the system…that sucks but sounds like a terrible guild to be in anyways.


That’s super easy to say.

I was with the raiding guild from the end of burning crusades to legion.

I watched friendships dismantle over one piece of loot.


I had both good and bad experiences with it as part of a guild group. Good experience was a RL deciding since someone was a consistent team member to give them an off spec piece over some returning guy who was the GMs buddy.

Bad experience was, my shaman being a consistent team member and the only consistent healer to be actually trying to gear beyond what I had available, off spec piece for enhancement drops, they give it to a hunter who already had an identical ilvl piece so was a sideways upgrade at best.

So honestly as much as I think it should be allowed in 100% guild groups, there is still that chance you get a jerk RL who will still favor friends over people who are consistent team members.


Then don’t join a guild that uses masterloot? Pretty simple concept don’t you think? Or do you think everyone should have to do it you way since your so dumb that you couldn’t even realize that nobody is forcing you to use masterloot


Multiple people have said it, and I’ll say it. If you join a guild which abuses master looter, leave. Simple. Done. You are accountable for your own actions. If someone does things in a way that you do not like, leave. You staying empowers them.

But there’s no reason why good guilds and good groups should have an option taken from them that they might wish to use because other people are too indecisive or too silly to leave bad guilds.


Why does everyone always go back to cata or wrath or something? Why not go back to legion since that would be an accurate comparison with PL also existing?

People seem to have selective memory when it comes to the horror stories of ML here on the forums. More often then not, the GD response was either-
A. Screenshots or it didn’t happen or
B. Tough, you knew the loot rules when you signed up so it’s your own fault.
I can’t recall any lingering movement to get it removed from the game. It just seems people came out of the woodwork after its complete removal to praise Blizzard for removing a “toxic” system.