No masterloot please

I do not want loot that is obtainable to be decided by officers in the guild. I remember this back in cata and it was bad. I don’t think anyone remembers just how terrible masterloot was for guilds and the community.

My loot and my items should not be determined by someone else who may have an alternative agenda to feed loot to a certain person for selfish reasons.

This will wreck the majority of guilds.

want to pug? nope… you bet ur butt they are going have ML on and u are not getting anything from a pug. so why have LFG for raiding? just get rid of it then. because it will be useless trying to find pugs or guilds searching for one player.

Lets say a guild is down 1 person for the night so they have to pug someone. Why on earth would anyone want to join any guild group? right now i prefer those groups. after ML ill never join one. Why would i join a group and kill a boss knowing full well there is nothing in it for me.

You can pretend that “its about the guild” “its actually the guilds loot” and that copium u want to huff about holding on to outdated and bad loot design is just bad for the game. it was removed and it was better for it.

oh boo hoo i can’t trade a personal loot item. lets be real at no point in any non WF raider will that piece of loot really make a difference. your mechanics will.

keep personal loot. don’t change it. don’t force me to quit raiding because i don’t want another person controlling all my raid loot.

nope done gone don’t want it


Not joining a guild group because of loot is silly. They most likely have it on farm and no one needs the loot anyway. If you don’t like the way your guild does loot, then go to a different guild.


Thats never how it works. if you regularly raid u know very well that that is not how it works. If a guild is pugging for another person… no reason to join them if you don’t have a chance at loot. pretend what u will no guild is going to give that person loot. ur living in a fairytell world to think a guild would do that. you don’t raid much do u or ur an officer who will have control over the loot if it goes into place i bet


Don’t be in a guild with bad officers that hands out loot in poor fashion?


Do you honestly think the esteemed leaders of would immediately turn a guild runs to ML and rip you off?


Master loot isn’t bad for guilds or the community. It’s only bad for not so smart people.

It’s not your loot. It’s the raid teams loot.

No it won’t.

So don’t join any pugs with ML on

That’s funny because this week alone we have gear to two new trials and some undergeared people that returned to the game.

It’s not outdated or bad loot design. Any guild worth anything’s running rc loot council anyways.

This is a pretty ignorant stance.

Again it’s not yours. Also any guild worth anything’s currently running RCL anyways.

So don’t use it. There are those of us that do want it.


I was the master looter for several years. Gave plenty of gear to pugs.


you dont’ raid much do you. every guild even at the highest of levels will have issues with masterloot. you are pretending in a world that good raid leaders will distribute loot perfectly. thats fairly tell living for the top 500 guilds. the 50k other guilds… its going to be bad. GL finding a guild that doesn’t have any sort of favorites.


Tell us you don’t raid without telling us you don’t raid.


ya. no one gives a crap about gearing alts 12 weeks into a tier. no one cares then. the first 3 months of raid. heck first 2 weeks you bet ur butt their will be favoritism.

im being real. its going to cause issues. your trying to hold onto an outdated loot system that you probably never experienced. I did. I remember the crap show that goes down with it. They changed it for a reason reverting back will just make all the issues come back and the raiding community will 100000000000% suffer for it.


No one said anything about Alts.

Bub. I have been raiding since wrath. I have experienced ML.

You’re being delusional. Every guild above heroic already uses RCLC anyways.


My guild used masterloot up until they took it away. We never had any problems with the wrong people getting loot. It sounds like you’ve only run with greedy savages.

Been in one just like that for 15+ years.


Lift all trade restrictions on personal loot. Done. This hand wringing about WF guilds doing split runs and gear trading is nuts. Who cares? Blizz will nerf mythics before the masses get there anyways.


Oh, we’re back to telling ghost stories about ML again.


Your posting on an alt account… your words mean nothing when you hide your real account so no once can check your bs. cause hiding like you are on an alt account. well ur just full of bs

and yes masterloot is a terrible loot system.


I disagree letting all loot be tradable is basically masterloot and the same things will happen then.

everything with masterloot is bad. i don’t understand why on earth do you want another person telling you that someone else should get the loot and not you. “im just so unselfish and idc about gear” is what i think u would say and ur full of bs. loot and gear is the reward for playing the game. my reward should not be determined by another player.


Attack the poster, not the message. What could you possible check on my Shadowlands main? How can you tell that my guild had masterloot 8 years ago?

Poor effort, 2/10.


Everything you say is not valid because you are hiding on an alt account and no way to figure out if u know anything… cuz u dont’ ur profile shows it. your talking like you have a vast history but all your account info says otherwise. so ya ur full of bs. get out of here

All good brother. We can’t help you though. When ML comes back just send this bookmark to your guild leader.

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You’re obviously a forum Pro. 60 posts? Come on dude, this isn’t your first troll rodeo.
Nice try tho.