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May have found a way solve our MW and resto shaman issues! Really could use some more dps

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Any healers with a dps off spec would be great as well. We rotate healers per fight. Some better then others for some some fights.

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Change your push to talk policy and I’m in :wink:

Unfortunately, thats not really an option.
While we have VA channels for m+ and other content if groups choose to use them, all of our raids are run with push to talk to keep discord clear during pulls and progression.
While PTT can be inconvenient, there are ways to make it easier to use and not interfere with gameplay.

Also! Cleared 6/8H tonight. Push toward Ashvane and AOTC on thursday.

We downed Heroic Zaqul tonight! Up to 7/8H clear in a night.
Thursday we Start Azshara and push for aotc.

Got our AOTC tonight!!
We went in and did a full 8/8H clear in ~2.5 hours.

Still looking for a few more mythic raiders to round out our team!!

Your website says you’re still only at heroic. Have you managed to break into mythic now? :slight_smile:

Yes, sometimes it takes a bit for the site to get updated. We’ve had some attendance issues slow us down, but we are 2/8m now

Oh, cheers! I sent Vel a friend request.

Vel is out for the week! Zaden#1776 is mine or you can just drop an app on the site.

Our main tank has run into some RL issues and we need to replace him. So looking for a new MT, anything but a pally.

Still looking for a new tank, have a temp replacement but looking for someone more long term.
Could get you in tonight for a trial!

Need tank!!
Should get into ashvane next week

Hello, youre looking for a tank? Add me Blasco#1717. I sent you a request on bnet.

I have no bnet requests pending.
But we did fix the tank problem.

Enhance shaman here 437ilvl and 65 neck. sent vel a bnet request.

I never heard anything from him sorry. idk if he ever got it.