No Difference in Power between lvl 50 and lvl 60

Yes you could it just depended on the class & difficulty you were doing those dungeons. I could solo half the bfa dungeons on heroic on this toon & I never even raided or did M+ in bfa so as far as gear goes I was at the low end of the totem pole. Legion mythic was easy to solo(for me) as a fresh level cause I remember the first thing I did on hitting 120 with this toon was going back & soloing all the mythic Legion dungeons.

With that said the thing that surprises me is people talking about expansions that were live 10+ years ago being difficult.

well of course, the new expansion just dropped and you have season 0 gear! you’re just a notch above bfa. 3 major patches in you will be fine soloing bfa raids.

am I the only one that LOVES that?

a fresh 60 won’t one shot a mythic geared lvl 50, there can be an actual fight

what should give power to a character are atributes talents and abilities, have a build

i at least i am happy that while lvling my alts i can still defend myself from alliance players that fight everything red in their sight

I never do that unless I need to tame a Pet. I’ve never done Soloing lowbie dungeons for a while now. Maybe the last one was taming Fenryr. And I was at the max level. Oh I tamed a Chinese Dragon (Serpent) from an old dungeon when Blizz started allowing us to tame them on Pre-patch.

Rendering hours to Farm for gold was eliminated in BFA. Gold is raining on modern WoW due to inclusion of 4k gold on Paragons. There is no need to go to lowbie dungeons anymore. There is no challenge… no fun on doing it.

Only because blizz doesn’t want to do the hard work of balancing the npcs one at a time, that’s how they did a previous squish when the older team was running things mop era, now they just want a ‘volume knob’ that they can, on any whim, move up and down, making an event that used to be easy now impossible.


All my characters in Legion would hit 120 with an ilvl around 260-270 and I was not able to solo normal Legion dungeons, but once my professions were leveled and I could gear a 120 at 310 ilvl the normal dungeons became soloable. So yes it is a change from BFA to now as my Hunter is wearing the level 60 basic craftable armor and not able to solo BFA.

Honestly since they want to allow all old expansions to be on the same footing with being able to level 1-50 in them than all of them should be legacy including Legion & BFA at level 60.


It’s because you are weaker. My dps actually got lower as my level increased and I do LESS dps than I did at 50. Now I know azerite powers can affect this so while I was still at level 50 before SL released I removed my azerite powered gear and put on gear that had no traits at all but did have stats such as crit and haste, etc. My dps was even lower then and at the same dps that I am now, 10 levels higher.

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You’re really going to love it next expac, when they abandon leveling altogether for a CoD/Diablo-like prestige system.

Azerite gear has much higher agility/strength/intellect/stamina than SL gear. The level 60/crafted ilvl 151 mail chest only had a +1 boost to stamina and a -6 on my agility than my azerite chestpiece.

It’s obvious they are preparing to break out each expansion as an independent mobile game. You heard the truth here first.

Hi, I have seen this topic and I have done a post because is completly true. I’m a soloying gamer and with the level reset from 1 - 60 is not more possible get done thing before shadowlands expansion making this game completly a pay to win game. I usally completed by myself the history of the game and I got objects all for my self from all dungeons before BFA. Nowadays is not possible. Also I had some epic pieces from
N’Zoth’s Assault in Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Uldum, now is not possible. You can only do BFA and Shadowlands with a group of people, and it seem that is going to be in these way for the next expansions. You can see also that prices in Classic game inside shadowlands game, the prices aree more elevated than WoW Classic. Also you can not defeat enemies fast with shadowlands equipment in BFA expansion.
To sum up you can not make gold fast and easy to complete the expansions before shadowlands. The game is a scam.

I refer to World of Warcraft like pay2win game because you need to pay in webs that you can search in google like raiditem, wowvendor, blazingboost, overgear and othe wow boost websites to win the best equipment on this game, is a Mafia from Game Masters of Blizzard. And in Terms of Use these site are forbidden but people use a lot and is the Mafia from Blizzard Games Masters, because Blizzard doesn’t close these sites.

P.D: I play in the Europe Server.

Level 60s being weak is only the case for fresh level 60s. I can easily solo mythic BfA dungeons and have soloed a few Uldir bosses already. Once you get geared, you won’t have any troubles soloing older content.

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I had heroic dungeon equipment of shadowland and i can make sure that you can not complete fast and easy old dungeons and also nzoth assaults. And other thing is that be overgeared in Shadowlands with mythic equipment is that you have pay to be overgeared or that you have friends and you are all time connected to pc with your friends. If you are a soloying player you can not be overgeared good in shadowlands because you only can get heroic overgeared equipment from dungeons and this level is not enought to get easy and fast gold in BFA. And raids in shadowlands are also, pay for enter, pay for complete and pay for be overgeared.

Finally, all people need time to do things in real world and if you play soloying wow, with the new lvl 1-60 is not possible. Dont like new level scale in wow. I dont want to waste my time more than 8 hours in the PC.

Preserving ratios is arbitrary with a calculator. 50 is 41% of 120, so all they needed to do was drop everything to 41% of what it used to be, and then once we hit 60 in Shadowlands, we’d be appropriately more powerful than before.

There’s no need to do it by halves, they just needed to preserve the ratio.

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Yeah what confused the heck out of me was when they said you’d be able to kill stuff just as easily post squish as pre-squish at 50. And then the squish day comes, and the first thing I notice(easiest of many problems) is that they reduced rare mob health by a factor of 7, and player health by a factor of 22-26ish—so forgetting any other issues, all the mobs you rolled all over before got major hp buffs and you got major nerfs, comparatively.