No Difference in Power between lvl 50 and lvl 60

Soloing back a single expansion has never been super easy in base gear? Not sure why you are surprised.

The main reason it was possible in Legion / BfA was that later on in the expansion additional power systems like legendaries, artifacts, and azerite made our characters stupidly overpowered compared to a fresh max character.

It’s been this way since the dawn of time. Secondary stat ratings change as you level up, you got from having the best gear of the expansion to the worst.
From secondaries at 40%+ backdown to ~10%.

Even more so from expansions that had things like azerite, or essences contributing to large percentages of the damage we dealth (and survivability)

Doesn’t this happen pretty much every expansion?
Especially the ones with stat squishes.

I’m pretty sure at the start of BFA I was able to easily solo mythic WoD raids. Now at 60, I cannot do the same in mythic Legion raids, even though its 2 expansions old.


This is further than simply Azerite and Essences, this is a level + stats thing. I know its been going on forever but that isn’t an excuse it just means Blizzard haven’t learnt to do maths in 16 years.

If they want to squish, fine but make sure the basic maths behind it works.

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There appears to be a bug where the legacy raid buff is missing in legion raids for level 60 toons. This apparently was reported multiple times in beta (according to the comments on the wowhead article from five days ago) but it was never fixed.

Can we talk about this? Could we please define why this was posted, and it doesn’t feel like anything has changed? Why can’t we solo 4 year old content? Why is this?


I’ve already answered this question. In the beginning of the thread, no less. The answer is ‘no, this isn’t true’ and ‘I did it all the time before Shadowlands but Shadowlands is different’.

Went to go test this in M HFC.

It literally took me longer to do at 60 than 50. Certainly longer than 120.

GG Blizz, you guys messed up scaling again. I’m sure your tiny, overstretched team will figure out how to do it in a few more pointless squishes. If we’re lucky, we might get a smooth squish in 12.0


lol /ten12

I clearly said the past few expansions have been in poor taste and old content is practically the only thing worth doing.

All snark aside, they literally haven’t said this and they’ve explicitly acknowledged, endorsed, and encouraged players to solo old content & legitimized it as “actual content.”

to be fair we are all in the absolute base maximum gear, will this change as we get more barrowed power from coves? maybe maybe not, but i dont see how it makes much difference as old content is no longer worth it unless you really want that mog or mount. the gold farming aspact of old content is dead it looks like

I do it for the story and the transmog stuff with my fiance. As of right now I have a piece of gear for a set that I want to get. It requires farming heroic BFA dungeons and then Uldir. I didn’t expect to be able to do Uldir for a while but I had hoped to get started on the farming of heroic dungeons when I got raid geared. As it stands, though, the transition of power is so much lower this time that I worry I might not be able to do it at all this expac. My example is that Legion normal dungeons were possible to solo in BFA at the start when you hit max level. Duoing was easy. But BFA dungeons are basically death zones, solo or duo.

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I am, it’s for the same game, I payed good money for 4 years ago. And I am still enjoying it now. But I would imagine that as I get stronger that content, while outdated, would be easier for me to handle. Shame on me, eh?

they should change it to 5 levels

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I’m not sure what you expect/want.
Primary stats have gone up, secondary stats have also gone up.
Secondary rating requirements however have also gone up. This is how it has to work, otherwise you had 40% crit last expac and if you expect it to go up from there where does it go to? 80%?
Next expac does it then go to 120%? What does higher than 100% mean? You auto crit and have an additional chance to proc a higher crit? An extra attack?

If it scaled linearly we would be at atleast 1000% haste, crit etc.

We need these resets between expansions.

Yeah im at almot 160 with a 155 wep. Stuff not dying faster feels like everything is already preset and gear means nothing.


The scaling does seem really weird right now. I got to ilvl 171 and I’m finding myself competing with people in the early 50s when I did normals with guildies who were leveling alts. Feels like their system is focused entirely on the end game, and very little care at all was put into how earlier levels work.

I also answered that, you said Legion and BfA, which as I explained largely was due to the discrepancy between where player power came from.
So much player power came from borrowed power sources that the base stat rescaling was essentially negligible compared to the increase we got from the systems.

Prior to Legion soloing old content from the previous expansion was largely limited only to great solo classes like Hunters, Warlocks, and DKs.
Even multiple expansion gaps were difficult for classes like Mage or Rogue until they implemented the legacy booat for players of a much higher level.

Not sure where you came up with this, but this has never been the intention.

Legacy raids are still very much endorsed by Blizzard.
One expac old shouldn’t be a cake walk, but expansions that are two expansions or further should realistically be able to be soloed with limited difficulty (minus specific mechanics).
If they aren’t it sounds like something is messed up with the legacy scaling they implement (the thing that makes you do astronomical numbers with same geae just because they are a lower level)

The issue, is that a boss in Legion has 3-4 million HP… mainly it’s because a BOSS is always 3 levels higher than you. So if you’re 60, it’s 63. So you don’t get the large damage increase like you get in previous raids, such as Siege and Throne of Thunder. Those creatures fall into a category that makes them lower than you.

This issue is because Legion monsters and bosses are acting like they are 60 and 63, which is still making them very hard to kill. Their levels aren’t working correctly, making them impossible to solo.

Legion is 4 years old, people are doing it purely for Achievements and TMOG, it needs to be fixed.