No Classic in 2019


ROI means everything. The bean counters will do the math.


Speaking as one who would only be coming back to play classic, full stop, this is not something I would worry about as much as celebrate.

IMHO keeping it completely separate from the loot piñata cash shop abortion would suit me just fine. If BFA etc is going to fail, I would prefer it not have a chance of dragging classic down with it.

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Personally, I have a serious issue with spending money on something I already purchased, especially since this is not a remastered, special edition (which is the whole point of course). Subscription, no problem of course, but I don’t like paying for the same thing twice.


You are still playing what you originally paid for. You agreed when you began that gameplay would change.


In 2004, I think it is safe to say that the “reasonable man” (legal standard) would have expected “changes in gameplay” to fall within certain range. Or be restricted to the Expansions only, and not all-encompassing.

Just because I agreed to “changing gameplay” doesn’t mean you can sell me a copy of Mortal Combat Online or something comparable,and then over the course of the next several years turn it into Hello Kitty Island Adventure.


The announced year for releasing WoW Classic, 2019, has not changed.

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Safe. Whew.

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Notice he didn’t say summer though. :wink:

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cheers for the update.

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They probably don’t have a set time yet. I’ve always thought it was going to be late August myself.


deeply thankful

So hype. When are the pre-sales starting? TAKE MY MONEY

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its free you just need a sub


It’s kinda good they are keeping classic under the radar so the investors and Activision leave it alone, and don’t try to monetize it.


Thank you Blizzard.

You guys rock!


It’s ok, sometimes projects are late, happy to hear the news


Well, joke when it was first announced was it would be November 2019 in time for the 15th Anniversary. So as long it makes that deadline, I’m happy.

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just made my day Bornakk :slight_smile:


Meant to say thanks to you. Appreciate the communication.

You guys rock!


Yithins who? Welcome, Bornakk!