No boost for accounts with existing lvl 60, change my mind

They already went over this entirely during Blizzcon. Watch it again.

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I didn’t ask what they said at blizzcon?

Why do you have such a hard on for what they said in blizzcon? Just get to the damn point of what you’re trying to say, boy.

I asked you to tell me what they have said about the boost specifically because what they have said points to the boost being used for players to just jump into tbc with their friends (I just proved you wrong). And not that it is only meant for new players specifically (something you have not been able to prove besides saying “JUST LOOK IT UP BRO”)

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You asked for a quote, then ignored the quote and disregard its content…

Because he is an actual moron. He gets proven wrong and instead of admitting he was wrong he pivots to just nonsense gibberish bickering to still convince himself he is somehow winning this argument.

Welcome to my world. I had an almost duplicate argument on another thread. You would be better off finding a potato and arguing with it. At Least when you are done with the potato you can cook it.

Why you have to be mad?

Nice alt post, next time make sure you aren’t in the same guild as the other character you are posting on so it’s not so obvious.

/facepalm. Christ you are stupid

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Hate to break it to you but everyone gets a boost with their account.

I have five accounts with five 60s and now I will boost five more for profession alts.

It’s good to be me. :sunglasses:

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At OP, pf course a hunter wouldn’t want to change mains going into TBC. But my poorDPS warrior is garbage soon. Melee is dead in TBC. Blizz changed the game so the boost provides me a reason to play a mew toon. Otherwise I would be done. Stop being elitist and let others have fun

If the point of the boost is for new players…yes?

You can get made at people calling out Blizzard’s hypocrisy but at the end of the day they’re championing boosts as the service new players need to stay relevant…while also conveniently letting anyone use it.

The way I see it boosts are Blizzard’s way of recreating expansion purchases since they will be 1 time (likely) $60 purchases and I assume they have some expectation that the bulk of the playerbase will purchase it, not to mention they COULD have bots throwing money at them (we will see how that pans out).

Oh and if Blizzard decides to get on the train of relaunching fresh classic someday 5+ years from now to do it all over again? They’re printing money yo.

Which is not the point of the boost per Blizzard’s explanation making the OP not wrong, you’re just creating your own reasons for what the boost is for or what it allows. That just makes you wrong.

Blizzard has stated that this wasn’t just for new players multiple times, they just said “it’s for people who want to jump into outlands right away with their friends.”

And even specifically stated that they believe classic tbc ‘starts’ at 58. If you disagree with this, that’s fine, the option to level yourself is always there. But this is what they have said.


Boosts are coming no matter how much you cry and try to force others to play the game your way. You are still more than welcome to level if thats your enjoyment so suck it up or quit. Either works

cHanGe MuH mInD

In regards to the post topic, If I like both Classic and TBC, why shouldn’t I be allowed to keep my current 60 locked to a Vanilla only server and boost a 58 on a fresh TBC server? What if I wanted to play a Blood Elf or a Draenei, but they weren’t available till now? Or maybe I didn’t like a class in Vanilla but I loved the changes made to it in TBC?

Here’s what I’ve seen posted (Numbered Bullets) followed by my thoughts (Lettered Bullets):

For Boosts:

  1. Player didn’t like Vanilla content at all and TBC was their bread and butter. That was the content and game that they loved.

  2. Player wants to play one of the new races at end game and has leveled up multiple characters to 60 already. There is no race change either, so then what? Go level again?

  3. Player wants to play with friends in TBC but not Classic.

Against Boosts:

  1. It isn’t keeping with Classic Content, no boosts were in Classic or TBC (Boosts didn’t become a thing in WoW until WoD). To keep it pure this service should not be included.

  2. Boosting == Bad Player; People that boost have no clue how to play their class and just run dungeons and are bad. This slows MY leveling experience and makes the game not as fun.

My personal feelings on this are:
A. (For 1) Don’t gate players that want to play TBC and only TBC behind content they hate to get to what they like. It would be like telling PVE players that hate PVP, “Level 1 through 60 through battlegrounds, go!” Let people play what they like. Just like there were PVE and PVP servers and RP Servers of each type. If you didn’t like world PVP you leveled on a PVE server. It is a different game dynamic and is part of the reason that WoW was successful. If you didn’t like World PVP you could get out of it by playing on a PVE realm, done.

B. (For 2) In regards to the Race option, they could side step this by allowing Race Changes in TBC. The option for Race Changes didn’t come till Wrath though, so this doesn’t sate the purist. Would you consider that less disruptive though? The player DID level the character, they just wanted to play a race that wasn’t available till TBC?

C. (For 3) Single boost addresses this neatly.

D. (Against 1) For the purists, I don’t see anyone forgetting about content creators to get better. I don’t see them only looking for archived copies of WoWhead and Thottbot or looking for old forum posts to read through regarding how to get good. Everyone is still looking at YouTube Videos for boss tactics which used to be closely guarded secrets by most guilds until people started opening up to share them. People would share how to play your class information and what is expected of you as X class, but there were not many cohesive tactic topics for End Game Bosses. That isn’t to say that this is a wrong way to play, just that your way of play isn’t for everyone.

E. (Against 2) Boosting != bad player. I hate this mentality because everyone is still going to go online and find a content creator that talks about how to play a class at high level, the dynamic shifts as spells and abilities are added. And if you ARE a content creator that is against this, are you saying you aren’t going to create content on how to play the class anyway? I’m not even sure I’ve seen a content creator mention down ranking spells to save mana and only use the full power (and mana cost) if/when needed… It isn’t as bad as other games, but in the end, you still have to relearn how to play your class at end game. You also have to tune gear and spec as well. (Elitest Jerk Posts anyone? There are archived threads with this info still.)

F. For anyone that wants to talk about being Hardcore, Level from 1 using nothing better than grays the entire way and enjoy your bragging rights. I consider it to be silly, but if that is what you find fun, enjoy. I’m not going to stop you, but I’m also not going to say it makes you a better player. You might have to optimize your abilities, or you might sacrifice fighting mobs at proper level to achieve it. In the end it is how you wanted to spend your time.

G. In regards to “Pretending to be Hardcore”, do you really think people aren’t going to find a way to cheese the system and then claim to be hardcore? There were people developing bots to play the game for you to get to end game back during Vanilla, TBC, and Wrath. Or willing to pay for leveling services to get to end game to skip this content. I’d rather there be a 1 time boost period or even paid boosts to the developers.

H. The case for Boosting in Beta - It allows more testers to get to the current content that should be getting tested with a variety of classes to help test fully as opposed to having a game that has a good solid start and then crappy end game.

Anyone who actually believes this, the thought that if you boost you are bad that is, is 100% just a bad player. And you can’t change my mind on that.

Classic pve, and honestly wow pve in general, is quite frankly just a joke in terms of finding out how “good” someone is. The fights are honestly hilariously easy, and the meta to find out builds and rotations for your character is basically common knowledge at this point.

The only way to tell if someone is “good” with their class, is through pvp. A good pvper understands EVERY. LITTLE. Detail about their class and abilities. On top of that, in order to be good at pvp you also have to understand EVERY. LITTLE. Detail about everyone ELSES classes and abilities. And almost every person I know who is buying the boost, understands this game way better than those who are calling others bad for using that boost lol.

If anyone actually believes that leveling 1-58 trains you on how to use your class in any meaningful way, then they quite simply do not understand this game very much at all. I will learn more about my class during a day or two queing up arenas and bgs than I will leveling all of 1-58.

I know it’s super hard for some people to get this, but some people understand this game in and out but they simply don’t want to put in the time to level because these people who understand the game so we’ll see leveling as a massive waste of time.

Like imagine you have a csgo pro or something and you tell them “hey in order to play ranked, you have to go fights bots that don’t even shoot back at you for about 4-5 days worth of play time”. It’s going to be boring for them, and them skipping that bot killing isn’t going to make them a worse player lol.

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You can’t boost one of the new races though.

Except when they announced it that’s exactly how they pitched it which caused a lot of players to call them out on the hypocrisy out if. Backpedaling out of it after the fact isn’t exactly shocking nor difficult.

Maybe they should pull up their TBC reference client to see if people could boost to 58. Because if that doesn’t exist then they’re wrong regardless what the current Dev team says.

Also obviously they’re going to say stuff like this to justify a paid service they are already providing. It’s a total conflict of interest and is just silly on your part to let them drive that narrative. You wouldn’t expect them to be like “Yo TBC really just builds off of Vanilla and a lot of that content stays moderately relevant so it doesn’t really make sense to offer you this service but we reeeeeeaaaaaaally like money so we’re doing it anyways”

So you just get another account and boost it nbd. How dare you underestimate the power of my wallet

Just because they said it can be used for new players doesn’t mean that it’s set in stone that it’s the only thing they intended it for lol. I’m mean that’s a REALLY narrow minded way to view the world if you just take the literal word of what someone said the first time and assume they won’t ever budge or elaborate ever to that first statement.

It’s obviously there to ATTRACT new players, but obviously it was never intended to just be for them, OBVIOUSLY. Otherwise they would have never allowed current players to use it in the first place right? Some critical thinking goes a long way

Oh you really want to go there? Maybe when they bring it up they will also have to change the million of other changes that they are doing as well, go through every single patch cycle and leave world buffs in the game until tbc. Might as well limit the servers to a smaller amount too and bring back their old server system that crashed every other day when tbc released.

Don’t be silly dude. This isn’t tbc. This is tbc classic. It isn’t meant to be a 1:1 copy. It’s meant to emulate tbc in a way where you can play that version of the game again but it’s obviously going to have some changes in order to keep it at least accessible to today’s gamers. If they add a change that benefits the game but doesn’t change the atmosphere too much you should be happy about it.

Of course they are going to want some money from this. They aren’t even charging you a box price.

It seems you really want this to be as authentic as possible right? So let’s throw in a box price instead of the boost. Let’s roll back all the changes they have made for the better as well. Bring back all the old cruddy servers, bring back the broken patches that existed from 2.0-2.4.3. That will for sure make sure this game will survive.

Let’s not learn from our lessons of classic whatsoever, so when tbc launches we can REALLY guarantee it dies within a month or two of it opening up.

You people really have no original thoughts or critical thinking do you.

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So do you write everything with a pen? If you’re so perfect you should, if no one makes a mistake right!?

People can change their minds about what class they want to play. If someone played a rogue forever, and decided to then play a priest, and they boosts that priest, tell me how that will effect you playing the game in any way? waiting…

Why is it your problem what I’m going to do with my account?
I always can reactivate my inactive account or buy new and boost to 58. It’s only $15/mo. I want lock and not going to level 6th character in classic zones again.

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