No boat spawning

No boat spawning to take us to the Dragon Isles again.

See if theres a portal at the dock.

Nope, they took the portal away, just a portal to Darn

There’s only a portal to Darnassus at the dock for me. I’ve been waiting almost an hour now.

No boat on Shadowsong. People have been at the dock for almost 2 hours now.

Winterhoof checking in – no boat for us either.

Stormrage - No boat either.

Silvermoon checking in here with a missing boat.

At least last night it showed up after 45 minutes or so. No suck luck this evening.

Is this happening to the horde as well?

It is not glitched for the Horde, and the alliance can use the zeplin to get to the Ilses, just make sure you find Tody once you land so it completes the quest.

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Same here on 2 different realms. Boat never arrives.

Same for Frostmourne. Been waiting 2 hours.

Same for Emerald Dream. Disappointing to come home and not be able to play.

Mannoroth as well. No boat and no portal.

My main is in Dragon Isles right now just fine. I got an alt there earlier today. A guild mate on the other hand is stuck in Stormwind right now.

At least he is not alone.

Just confirmed that you CAN take the Horde zep to the Dragon Isles just fine. War Mode off, none of the NPCs were hostile, easy-peazy.


you can go to Org and take the zepplin , the NPCS are friendly I just did it.

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Thank you! I just told my guild member!

Found out where the poor boat went that isn’t there.

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