No BFA dungeons available in LFG

I am levelling a Vulperan hunter. I am currently level 44 with an Ilvl of about 49, in Battle for Azeroth. I want to level up doing the dungeons in this zone, but they don’t even show up as an option in my LFG tool. I’ve missed something, I’m sure, but I can’t find out what. I did the opening quest, took the boat to Zuldazar, did some opening quests there but nothing shows up in my LFG. I’m at a loss as to what I have to. Please help.

I’m posting this in the forums because the in-game help is completely, totally, absolutly useless (at least to me). A never ending circle of “we really don’t want you to contact us so please just stop out of pure frustration and anger” I’ve complained about this before and will almost certainly complain about it in the future. I just wanna submit a ticket because my specific problem is not covered by the 3 or 4 topics you provide. Why. is. this. hard?

Because for the most part, these kinds of issues can be resolved without tickets. So they try to get people pointed in the proper direction without having to wait on a ticket response time. Which, right now you really don’t want seeing as due to a perfect storm of issues, ticket responses are taking around 6-8ish days right now.

As for your issue itself, I’ll poke around a bit here, but I see Mirasol typing so they may have a quicker answer than even me. :slight_smile:

Blizzard does not allow the GMs to give game hints about how the game works. They will suggest you consult fellow players or a third part site like Wowhead.

No, I am poking around too. I know there is an answer somewhere. There has to be. I just don’t know what it is yet. I have not tried doing them as a leveling character. I did them solo after I was max level and two expansions later. Heh.


Same here. I know that there is supposed to be a few available when you first level into the zone, another batch around midway through and then more at max BFA level. I know we’ve seen threads for it before, it’s just finding the right one with actual helpful responses over the “same” responses.

So, I found two key things that most folks have run into.

  1. If you are doing Chromie time you will be locked into whatever zone you selected for it. You can still go quest in other places, but need to exit Chromie time to do BFA in the current default way.
  2. Once over level 50 you can’t do the BFA dungeons through the dungeon finder too.
  3. Dungeons scale with your level.

List of BFA dungeon unlocks

So I initially was going to go on about needing to be level 45, but upon checking out a level 41 alt of mine, who hasn’t done any of the opening quests into BFA, they both had the same roster of dungeons open.

I would double check yourself, and make sure you are not in Chromie time? Like perhaps switch to one expansion and then back to current time, see if that may nudge it properly.


Thank you both for putting so much time into this…I really appreciate it. I don’t believe I’m in Chromie time, because I’ve never talked to her on any character, and this one was just created a few months ago. I will do what you suggest , Leilleath, and “turn it off and then on again” :smile:
And as for hints about the game…I don’t see this as a hint. I am stonewalled at a point that no other character I’ve created has ever been stonewalled at. I’ve never run into this before…

Please let us know if it works! If that doesn’t give it a kick, perhaps one of us can dredge up something else to try or maybe even one of our SFAs will pop in and have a better response.

Do you think I need to do the Neck quest chain? That would be annoying, but whatever it takes, I guess.

I actually never even played out Legion on my 41 alt, save for getting her artifact weapon, let alone even the opening BfA quests or the necklace. So that shouldn’t be a hindrance.

Just looking at the dungeon finder, so long as Chromie time isn’t the issue, you should have had them all unlocked by level 35.

I just went to talk to Chromie for the first time…I have no campaigns available past Legion. I’m level 44…how is it possible that it wouldn’t show a BFA campaign?

So…Chromie had an option for me to return to my present timeline…I chose that one and lo and behold, BFA random dungeons are now available! Now the only question is…how the blazes did I get into Chromie Time when I never talked to her??

Anyway, I want to thank you both again for your help. I never would have gone to Chromie even though the other resources I looked at suggested it, because I had never talked to her before. Just having a real person tell me made all the difference (and my stubbornness about it didn’t help).

Thanks again.


That, I have no answer for. I do want to say I’ve seen others come up similarly stuck like this? But I can’t recall a specific case to link up. But so very glad it worked! Happy dungeoning! ^^

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Excellent! Glad it is solved now, even if you don’t know how that sneaky time changing dragon got you into that fix.

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‘Tis best not to look too closely into the affairs of dragons for, when fried by their fire, thou art crunchy and go well with Katsup.