No Beta invite for people who played vanilla?

Thats funny since health and mana reg has been constantly off, but I guess you wouldn’t know that since you never played.

oh and you are the f*cking authority on what heath and mana reg was from a game thats 15 years old LOLOLOL


He played during vanilla since he has photos of himself playing, but I agree that he doesn’t give feedback to devs, at least in the form of a bug report ticket.

Ask yourself if jealousy is an adult reaction to this situation, then self reflect on your life choices and then. take a hot bath listen to some mood music and R.E.L.A.X

You must have pinpoint accuracy to remember that from 15 years ago, theres no difference between you and someone who started later.

Yet u have no proof that its off,

Plus, blizz has a reference copy so they can pretty easily dismiss claims that its wrong, and I’m sure they’ve already checked as people brought that up day one of beta.

So games like Pantheon are in alpha atm. Should they not test it? Many testers have never played it.

lol if they had a reference copy how come they altered the values AFTER vanilla players feedback from the first beta. They still haven’t fixed armor values either

At this point most people agree that questing and what it implies (mob dmg, regen rates, armor and resistances) is likeit was in vanilla 1.12 version. Elite damage was debated, but it was mostly guys with godlike memory that no one has, who made the claim that it was off…

Actually, it’s more likely that people just aren’t remembering it right. No-one has provided a 1.12 reference example of regen being off. They just “feel” that its wrong. Blizzard has the reference client, and can check precisely.

  • Warrior health Regeneration is working at the expected rate.
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You’re not testing the accuracy of the game in beta. Blizzard knows what accurate was, you don’t. You’re testing for bugs. Whether or not you played at level 60 is completely irrelevant.

Also, betas aren’t that good, why are you all so obsessed with them? It’s literally a game full of bugs and then you report it and move on… Unless the bug is stopping you from finishing a quest, then at that point, you just log off and wait.

Just continue playing on private servers till launch.

or POE new league is only 11 days away.

whoa, so you are the ONE person that played in Vanilla? That’s Amazin’

as far as i know the beta pop is below or around 1k, that’s hundreds of thousands if not millions who didt get an invite.

Hope that makes you feel better

“Streamers got in, I thought it was supposed to be random. WTF literally the worst.” -whining vanilla players.

“Wait, people from late expansions got into beta? WTF it should only be vanilla players.” - same whining vanilla players.

Lul. See the hypocrisy? You guys don’t care who got in, you are just upset you lost the raffle.

imagine if people who play the lottery behaved this way.

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hey, everything is possible this days, people are so entitled that they can’t fathom losing at… gambling.

Clearly you can’t read because I allready stated blizzard does not know the accuracy and gave evidence of it.

I have 2 Vanilla accounts and both of them got invites. I opted in on both accounts, regularly play on the PTRs, and post constructively about bugs when I do play them.

It really just is a random system. Nothing special. Yes, lots of streamers are getting invites, but that is the case for many games lately. The ratio is still more non-streamers to streamers. Just have patience, you might get in. Otherwise enjoy yourself when it goes live.

That’s true, but he is still providing a lot from the way he crashes the Stress Test servers.