Ninja Looter Website

Vetting the complaints would be a full time job.


I assume this is a profit generating website… otherwise, you’re going to lose money hosting videos (unless you do youtube, which is another set of problems), managing the content, etc… the hardest part you’ll run in to is verification of evil doers…

A site like this would be nearly worthless since it isn’t connected to the blizzard DB… back in the day, it was no big deal to take some time putting your group together… these days, in the time of instant gratification, you’re going to be hard pressed to get anyone to check the names of everyone you want to group with against a 3rd party site.

Good luck though… it would turn into a full time job verifying the people who are reported are actually ninja looters.


It wouldn’t be for profit and the screenshot / video proof would just link to YouTube videos and image hosting sites.

I would be doing this just for the sake of honorable gaming and a place to consolidate ninja bad bads.

I don’t think it will work, but go for it if you think you have the time and money to manage a site like this.

It would be useful to me if you also had an addon where I can query from the game.

Even better if it alerts me that I have invited a confirmed Ninja Looter.

One problem I see with this though is there should be some intelligence on whether or not someone really is a Ninja Looter.

Let’s pretend your website (and addon) are super popular. Rogue loses roll on Cadaverous Armor to Hunter, goes to site to claim Ninja Loot! Some kind of voting or number or reports or something needs to give a player a score or something. That’s where it gets tricky. Good luck!

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure Blizzard would be real keen on that. /sarcasm.

Yep. The security issues would probably stop all that dead in its tracks.

Ideally, a database add on would be way better than an external website, but I have no experience with that.

I’d rather an addon with name + server + no. of times another player flagged that person as a ninja.

Then when you are in a group with that person, the addon alerts you.

Might be better (and cheaper?) as a Discord?

But still, Blizzard doesn’t like stuff that supports callouts and possible harassment. Especially something they cannot vet their selves. You’d have to do it completely outside the game.

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we used to just call out “ninjas” on our server forums back in the early years.

With this update, they seem to indicate at least a tacit approval of the old way of doing things, however, that doesn’t mean they’ll allow callouts on their forums:

No. The website would be a drama magnet for fake reports and no one would have the authority to challenge it. A mob based Blacklist is infinitely more amusing and open to personal interpretation and server guild bias.

Besides running the website would be costly and reminds me too much of Mythic io score tracker crap.

You’d be lucky to get half that info in any open written format. If the Pserver reddit ninja posts can’t even specify horde/alliance let alone which server it’s pretty bad.

I think this is a good idea. But wouldn’t this be better served on a per-realm basis?

If they have realm forums, post it there if Blizzard allows or if you have a realm-specific Discord, you can post it there with a screenshot.

It what they did with Scarlet Crusade RP server.

The database would have a column for server name and be sortable by any field the user wishes.

ninja. io


Allow comments on each entry. Everyone has a right to a fair defense.

Each entry should also include a review period. I could very easily tarnish someone’s name with this website if I spend enough energy on it.

Back in the day, our server had a circulating list, and a group of players ran a web DB (php scripts with MySQL) that was used to track ninja looters, lowbie gankers, scam/con artists, raid guild hoppers, and generally aweful people. It was an official community black list, and worked out quite well.

Tumblrs and stuff are a thing, no? I know there are places for drama on different servers, and all of that is done on tumblr.